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Justin Bieber Lawsuit and Legal Issues: All That Matters Singer Suing Former Housekeeper Who Told All About the Pop Star's Life

First Posted: Feb 11, 2014 12:24 PM EST
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Justin Bieber's ex-housekeeper Tatiana Voziouk has sold him out to British papers. The woman, who worked in Justin Bieber's Calabasas, Calif. home for one year, is telling the world EVERYTHING that went on in the house. Why? Because she was allegedly paid a five-figure sum from the Sunday People tabloid.

Sources tell Confidenti@l that Bieber is reportedly fueled up with anger after his former housekeeper's confessionals about him, went public. He is said to have hired attorney Howard Weitzman to examine options to sue Tatiana Voziouk. Weitzman has represented Hollywood names including O.J. Simpson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Arnold Schwarzenegger and now handles the estate of Michael Jackson.

Speaking of Michael Jackson, that was one of the comments Voziouk told Sunday People, saying that "Bieber will end up dead like the pop king, unless he changes his hard-partying ways."

"The drugs and hangers-on are turning Justin into a zombie," Tatiana said in the Sunday People article, published Jan. 26. She also says she "saw marijuana delivered to the house by a legal drug company that handles supplies for medicinal purposes."

The former maid worked in the Bieber home from August 2012 until August 2013. She described to the magazine "how Bieber and pals would drink dangerous 'sizzurp' cocktails containing pain killer codeine-based cough syrup and soda." Another source says that Voziouk won't get away with betraying the "Baby" singer's trust. "This woman embellished a number of things in an effort to profiteer from Justin, she is in breach of her nondisclosure agreement and has sold confidential information so there is a case against her." Tatiana is believed to have earned a five-figure sum to "spill the beans," now the question is if there is indeed a case against her.

Meanwhile, Justin continues to deal with his other legal issues. He has a pending case against him due to an egg assault on his neighbor's home and his U.S Customs problems. Basically the "All That Matters" singer has much more than his "backstabbing" maid to worry about, he has the U.S. government watching him. Good luck to Justin, seems like he's going to need it.

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