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Rob Dyrdek Reverse Car Jump Video: 'Fantasy Factory' Star Does Insane Record-Breaking Stunt [Watch Here]

First Posted: Feb 13, 2014 11:00 PM EST

Rob Dyrdek does it again as the professional skateboarder set another world record yesterday (February 13) by sending a car flying in reverse, TMZ reports. 

The stunt will be part of "Fantasy Factory's" series finale which will be aired on March 13. Dyrdek, together with his "Fantasy Factory" cast and crew members and special guests, went to the Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia California to organize the impressive stunt. (See the video below)

According to an article on Zap2it, the "Fantasy" leader drove a Chevrolet Sonic in reverse and broke the record for the Farthest Reverse Ramp Jump by Car. Clearing a length of 89 feet and 3 ¼ inches, Dyrdek met the Guinness requirements for setting the world record.

Prior to the jump, Dyrdek's crew delivered safety announcements to the people present during the event. The daredevil then did some practice runs to gauge the right speed needed to make the jump successfully.

Although Dyrdek executed the stunt smoothly, he did encounter a minor accident after landing when he over spun the car and drove straight into a barrier. He walked away unharmed from the crash and since it was confirmed that he had full control of the vehicle after landing on the ramp, the jump was still counted as a record-breaking stunt.

Notably, the reality star and X-Games athlete is no stranger to the world of Guinnes Records. At one point in his career, he held over 20 world records for skateboarding. Some of these include Most Consecutive Ollies in a Halfpipe, Most 360-Degree Kickflips in One Minute, Longest Stationary Manual, Longest 50-50 Rail Grind, Highest Skateboard Ramp Jump Into Water, and Most Heel-flip Shove-its in One Minute.

This is Dyrdek's second stunt which involved treating a full-size car like a little toy. Back in 2011, the pro skater made headlines when he kickflipped another Chevrolet Sonic.

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