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Idina Menzel Sings 'Let It Go' at Oscars: Broadway Star Calls Experience 'Surreal'

First Posted: Feb 16, 2014 02:03 PM EST
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Idina Menzel is a broadway fixture who was in Wicked and Rent before voicing the Queen in Frozen and singing the masterpiece "Let it Go," which was nominated for Best Original song at the Oscars. She will be singing it there, too. Yesterday she tweeted the news: "It's really happening. I'm singing on the Oscars! Surreal. Thank u frozen family and Oscar producers for this incredible opportunity."

Disney's Frozen is the company's most recent animated princess feature. The movie takes place in a fictional kingdom, Arendelle, and portrays the relationship of the two princesses, older sister Elsa (voiced by Kristen Bell) and younger sister Anna (voiced by Idina Menzel). The two sisters where once very close, however, have become very distant. This is due to the older sister's predicament, she was born with a magical gift-the ability to create snow and ice. Elsa is fearful of her gift and tries to conceal it while her parents, who feared she would be treated as an evil enchantress, decide to hide her away in the castle in order to protect her. This goes on until the king and Queen perish in an accident at sea.

A few years later Elsa becomes queen and accidently shows her power to the coronation party guests. Her people become fearful of her and she runs away into the mountains. Anna, who never knew about her sister's power, runs off after her sister out of guilt and concern. During her journey Anna meets Kristoff the ice seller (voiced by Jonathan Goff) and his reindeer Sven. The two assist Anna in finding Elsa, somewhat reluctantly at first. The trio soon meets Olaf the talking snowman (voiced by Josh Gad) who Elsa created on her way up the mountain. The movie takes this group on a journey battling a giant snowman, outwitting a power hungry prince named Hans (voiced by Santino Fontana), and unmasking the conniving Duke of Weselton (voiced by Alan Tudyk) before Elsa is able to discover the true beauty of her gift through her sister's own sacrifice of love. The movie concludes with the kingdom's people accepting Elsa, a romance between Kristoff and Anna, and Anna and Elsa finally becoming true sisters.

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