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Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight 2014: Boxing Expert Thinks Timothy's Chances of Winning are Slim to None

First Posted: Feb 25, 2014 09:14 AM EST

With Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley's rematch looming closer, a lot of speculations are beginning to surface. Of course, given the controversial results of their first bout, many people are siding with the Filipino boxer. This includes boxing expert Hermie Rivera.

According to Philippine-based online newspaper, Rivera said, "Tim Bradley's chance(s) of beating Manny Pacquiao is akin to having Satan start serving sherbet or ice cream in hell."

Given his colorful and imagery-filled comparison, it seems Rivera was not impressed with Bradley's win in his recent matches. For the boxing expert, his performance is not enough to dominate over the Filipino fighter.   

Following his fight with Pacquiao, Bradley took on two confidence-booster matches against Ruslan Porovdnikov in March of 2013 and against Juan Manuel Marquez in October of the same year.

But those who saw the Provodnikov bout will remember that Bradely barely made it out as the winner in that match. The Russian's powerful blows concussed him early in the fight and caused him to stagger in the following rounds.   

As for the Marquez fight, Bradely went home as the winner via split decision. In other words, he wasn't able to hurt his opponent with a knockout blow, which is what he promises to do to Pacquiao in their rematch.

But the unbeaten super-middleweight champion Andre Ward believes Bradley is the fighter who has more motivation to win in the upcoming rematch. Ward says that the criticisms Bradley received from his win over Pacquiao will be the fuel that will drive him to retain his WBO welterweight title.

Through an interview with On The Ropes Boxing Radio, he said, "(You would think) that Timothy Bradley would get the respect that he deserves, and he still doesn't. That's the material, that's the fuel that people don't realize push guys like Timothy Bradley to go above and beyond what people think he's gonna do."

He added, "It's not necessarily with X's and O's and strategy, but just the desire man. I feel he has a desire that can't be denied, and he has the intangibles that you can't put your finger on."  

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