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Sandra Bullock Gravity Salary: Oscar Nominated Actress to Make $70 Million From Film

First Posted: Feb 26, 2014 03:16 PM EST
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Gravity was one of 2013's most acclaimed films and rightfully so. The Alfonso Cuarón directed space epic lit up imaginations and garnered a staggering ten Oscar nomination including Best Picture. Another one of those nominations was for lead actress Sandra Bullock, who plays the beleagured Dr. Ryan Stone. Being part of such a monumental film must be an amazing experience for Bullock, but she'll be getting a lot more than just satisfaction. Her paycheck for Gravity is reportedly an out-of-this world $70 million. Bullock can afford her own trip to outer-space will all that cash.

Where's all this cash coming from? Well, in addition to domestic and foreign box office receipts, Gravity's revenue streams include DVD releases and TV airings. You can also purchase a Full HD 1080P version of the hit film on iTunes. There's nothing more convenient that having Gravity safely land on you hard drive while you wait in the comfort of your own home.

Still, most of Bullock's $70 million is coming from theater ticket sales according to a finance lawyer familiar with Hollywood's operations.

"The theatrical window is going to generate a third of the total revenue a movie will earn; it will get another third on DVD; and then the final third comes from pay and free TV," says the lawyer. "Gravity" might earn proportionately more at the box office, says this lawyer, because "pay and free-TV numbers cap out at a certain point."

The Hollywood Reporter adds that a good chunk of that money, $20 million to be exact, is coming from these ancillary sources. Bullock's co-star and real-life pal George Clooney stands to make a nice payday to. Though his financial compensation, and Cuaron's as well, hasn't yet been made public.

But these dollar amounts still pale in comparison to what it cost Warner Bros. studio to make "Gravity." An ultra-technical, highly-complex shoot drove up the cost of the production to $110 million. Warners then tacked on another $100 million for marketing. With all this dough being flung around you maybe wondering how a film studio makes any money. I have the answer for you, 700 hundred million of them, in fact. A lot of people saw this flick.

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