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Belle Knox Video and Pic Downloads: Miriam Weeks is Duke's Freshman Porn Star, and Everyone is Clamoring to See Her Clips [WATCH]

First Posted: Mar 11, 2014 03:15 PM EDT

Since the identity of porn star Belle Knox was revealed to be that of a freshman at Duke University, she has received a lot of unwanted publicity and her videos and pictures have gained popularity on various download websites.

Duke University freshman and double computer science and mathematics major Thomas Bagley first recognized Knox from one of her videos online several months ago. Bagley said that Knox admitted her secret to him as they walked to a Greek life pre-game in January, when she asked to keep the information a secret. That evening at a rush event, Bagley, who is a Phi Delta Theta pledge, revealed Knox's identity to several of his fraternity brothers.

"We are in a society where we are so repressed, every single day. We're told that sex is bad. We're told not to have sex. We're told not to show our bodies, and that's really true for women," Knox said on Piers Morgan. "To be in porn and to be able to be naked and to be able to be free and have that sexual autonomy, it is so incredibly freeing."

The Duke University coed had turned to porn to pay her tuition and she denied allegations that her devout Catholic parents were upset by her choices. The 18-year-old Belle Knox, whose real name is Miriam Weeks, said earlier this week that "my parents aren't upset. "

"I want my family left out of it. If people criticize me that's one thing, but leave my family alone," Weeks said. She said she was very upset over an online article that identified her parents as Dr. Kevin and Harcharan Weeks from Spokane, Washington.

"This is a tragedy in the family. The father is one of the best human beings I've ever met. He is just back from Afghanistan; he served his country, how awesome is that?" said Amanda Minor, the mother-in-law of Miriam's brother.

"They're heartbroken, but it's not irreparable. Nothing is irreparable when it comes to the Weeks family and their love for each other," Minor said.

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