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'Dancing With The Stars' Season 18 Episode Recap: Was Erin Andrews and Her Voice Annoying? [Poll]

First Posted: Mar 19, 2014 12:55 AM EDT
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Erin Andrews

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The premiere episode of DWTS was basically a refresh of contestants, the band and even Tom Bergeron's co-host. And while loyal fans of the show got pretty much excited with their bets, some were a little pissed off.

That is, some viewers of Dancing With The Stars aired their feelings regarding Brooke Burke-Charvet's replacement on Twitter. Generally, the comments were quite gloomy though there are a few notable positive remarks.

Jali C ‏@Yelissaaa : I was sad to see @brookeburke didn't return to #dwts, but @ErinAndrews is a riot! Love herrrrr

Sam Rubin ‏@samontv : Somehow I think I am not the only one who misses @brookeburke on #dwts Is her replacement really in the same league?

Mike Wedmann ‏@mrwclarkson : Sorry but Erin's voice on #dwts is annoying...bring back Brook Burke!

LindaLeeJones ‏@LindaLeeJones11 : New Cohost is AWFUL. She is shouting. I want @brookeburke #bringbackbrookeburke #dwts @DancingABC\

Ashley Livingston ‏@itsashley : Who else wants @brookeburke back?! She was such a better co-host!! Let's get it trending! #bringbackbrookeburke #dwts @DancingABC

Courtney ‏@putUincespence : Erin's already asking pretty pointed questions. Not loving it. #dwts

Mary Fischer ‏@TheMommyologist : Who else already misses @brookeburke? #dwts

jonathan rocks ‏@Johnmarc : I already mIss @brookeburke ! RT if U agree #DWTS18 #dwts

FahrMaiden ‏@fahrmaiden : I'm not going to be able to tolerate #dwts if I have to listen to Erin Andrew's annoying nasally voice. Where is @brookeburke? Ugh.

Karen W. Hall ‏@KarenWHall1 : Very disappointed with Erin Andrews as the co host of #dwts!

Nyssa Green ‏@nyssag : Sorry, I'm team @brookeburke....that's all I'm sayin'...#boo #dwts

PEOPLE's Tom Gliatto also commented on Erin Andrews' first take on the show, saying "Andrews talks with the flat, unhesitant delivery and slanginess of an experienced announcer, and she casually plants herself on the floor with a kind of no-nonsense strength."

"She is angular and even willowy, but her center of gravity appears to be unshakable. If you covered the Super Bowl, wouldn't you be the same way? How would you survive otherwise? This may explain why she was sometimes overemphatic with a Jane Lynch bluntness," he adds.

Entertainment Weekly's Annie Barrett also said that Erin Andrews' first time hosting Dancing With The Stars was a "good, if a bit trying-too-hard" effort.

Was the sports anchor really that bad at the DWTS premiere episode? Cast your vote in the poll below.

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