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FX 'American Horror Story' Season 4 Clues: Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and More Cast Members Talk 'Freak Show'

First Posted: Apr 01, 2014 02:32 PM EDT

The next Horror Story is on its way, and it's going to be freaky. Recently, creator Ryan Murphy announced season 4 of the FX series, American Horror Story: Freak Show. Now the actors are weighing in on the highly-anticipated premiere.

Season 4 of American Horror Story takes place in the 1950s in Jupiter, Fla. Jessica Lange will play a German woman who manages one of the last freak shows still standing in the United States. As a result, the season will surely include some interesting sights to see

"I want a misshapen head, something bulbous...like Elephant Man," Denis O'Hare told Zap2it.

"What would be really neat is an extra pair of arms...and using my arms and my whole body as a new human animal," Jamie Brewer added.

Sarah Paulson is confirmed for the upcoming season.

"I don't know everything that's coming," she told OTRC. "I do have an idea about what I'm playing, and I can't tell you anything about it and I also think it could change. You know, they're writing it now, and I think sometimes they get in that writers' room and they're like, 'This doesn't work,' and something goes away and now I'm doing something entirely different."

Paulson, Kathy Bates, and Evan Peters will play freaks according to TV Guide.

"We never know when we say yes to a job what's going to happen," O'Hare told OTRC. "...You just go in for it, and I think [Murphy's] such a creative guy, and I love his kind of nerve and I [last season] thought, 'I wanna be a part of that.' And I still feel that way..."

Last week, Murphy announced the addition of Michael Chiklis to the cast. He will play Kathy Bates' ex-husband and Peters' father.

"It's just the level of talent involved in the show and just the scope of it," Peters explained. "I mean there's so many talented actors and actresses on the show. It was amazing to work with all of them [in season 3]."


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