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Latina Author Series

Daisy Hernandez, author of the must-read "A Cup of Water Under My Bed: A Memoir," was politicized by feminism. The social movement made an impression on the reluctantly controversial NPR contributor, making her starkly aware of her personal identity and the gendered lessons imparted on her during her upbringing.


Sandra López wrote "Esperanza" while juggling a full course load of classes. With little time to devote to the project she had to quickly pen the story, which in many ways spoke to her own experience of "growing up in a poor barrio as the eldest daughter of an absentee father and a single, working mother."


A narrative work that's unapologetic and compelling, addressing immigration, maturation, abandonment, isolation and triumph is not a tale that's easily told. Yet Cecilia M. Fernandez, writer and journalist, shares her story "Leaving Little Havana: A Memoir of Miami's Cuban Ghetto," as if sharing easy conversation a with collection of friends with parallel experiences.

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