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The New Year has just begun, but there are already plenty of health theories out there that have the potential to turn 2014 into a very risky year. Here are five health-related stories to hit the news this year that, for one reason or another, we hope are not true. If they are, then 2014 could end up being a very sick year (and not in the good way).


The film, which premiered at the GALA Hispanic Theater in Washington, DC, reveals the story of five religious Latino families who learned to look beyond binding church teachings, in order to accept their daughters, sisters, brothers and sons, whose gender identities or sexual orientations are outside of the norm.


LGBT organizations who seek immigration equality (Immigration Equality, The DOMA Project and Advocacy at the Latin American Coalition) and those who are part of a binational LGBTQ household continue to strive for change even after the decade-long battle for inclusion and access to green cards for their spouses appear to be over.


UCLA Williams Institute just released a new report estimating that 1.4 Million, or 4.3 percent, of the Latino adults in the U.S. identify themselves as LGBT.

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