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President Barack Obama addressed immigration questions, from Latinos and non-Latinos, during a town hall meeting Wednesday, just two days after a federal judge from Texas ruled to delay his deferred action programs.


With the U.S. Latino population projected to hit 131 million by 2050, the representation of Latinos on the media has been changing notably on cable television.


Mike Hudack, Facebook's director of product, wrote a lengthy, self-proclaimed rant Thursday in which he blasts the current state of the media and its lack of serious news coverage.


In the wake of controversial segments aired Monday on MSNBC's program "Way Too Early," Hispanic media advocates and watchdogs are outraged, and the network has been forced to issue an apology.


This is how MSNBC's Way Too Early decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.


The Emmy award winner will host a weekly Friday night talk show.

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