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Latino celebrities have become the world’s fast-rising stars this 2015. They are also among the influential personalities who took over social media this year. In the Forbes annual Celeb 100 list, six Latinos were included in the 2015 list of highest-paid entertainers, Latin Times noted.


At unprecedented rates, the U.S. Hispanic population is joining the labor force, flooding most fields. Even as this happens, research shows that the income and net wealth of Hispanic workers continues to be less than that of non-Hispanic whites.


"Shakira" lacks the intensity of her older works


The pair says the baby has been everything they hoped for


They were spotted together in Texas


A new book by Yukari Iwatani Kane called Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs will be published on March 18 by HarperBusiness. The book describes Cook's early life as a student, his business pedigree, and his early years at Apple.

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