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In this week's Tap that App Tuesday, we take a look at both brand new and tried-and-true photo editing apps, including a great new iOS app from a trusted name in mobile photography.


The actor talks about everything from acting to how he perceives women.


Brazilian Angelica Dass launched an investigation of identity, culture and skin color simply by lifting her camera. The granddaughter of black and native Brazilians and the daughter of a black father raised by white adoptive parents, Dass created the Humanae Project with the intention of recording and cataloging all possible human skin tones, highlighting true tones rather than clichéd colors. The 2000 image-strong initiative is a series of portraits, all with the exact Pantone® tone of the subject pronounced in the background; the color extracted from an 11x11 pixel sample of the subject's face.


As Valentine’s Day recently passed, couples from around the nation may be looking for other opportunities to express their emotions and keep their passion strong.

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