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Kate Upton Topless Video On Horse Leaked

First Posted: Jun 21, 2013 02:04 PM EDT

Update: An uncensored screencap of the video has emerged.
Update 2: An uncensored .gif is also making the rounds.

The internet is buzzing today after a recent video of Kate Upton riding a horse was released online. What makes the video so special? The voluptuous supermodel is completely topless while on her steed.

"The video was taken during a recent modeling shoot ... Kate begins the session in the hopes she can keep her breasts covered by her hand -- but quickly realizes, there's just no way," says online gossip magazine TMZ.

TMZ was able to acquire the video from an undisclosed source, and currently have sole possession of the video on hand. Despite the hopes of many men around the world, TMZ has not been so quick to fully divulge Upton's exposure to the world.

"'Unfortunately, we can't show you the completely uncensored version,' claims TMZ before proceeding to add insult to injury by offering up the worst consolation prize since the participation ribbon: Footage of the TMZ staff watching the uncensored version of the video for themselves," reports a recent Gawker article.

That's right, even though they have what may be the most sought after clip of all time, they have elected to not release it in all of its glory. Still, the video, which has since been taken off TMZ (likely because of actions taken by Upton's camp), leaves little to the imagination.

It is not yet known how TMZ acquired the clip of Upton on a horse, nor is known how much they paid for it or what they intend to do with the uncensored clip in the future. People quickly took to Twitter to voice their opinion on the matter.

"Yesterday was pretty tough, but seeing Kate Upton topless on a horse makes me think that everything is gonna be ok," tweets Twitter user alec (@motor).

Still, some people can never get enough. Another user gave a far more dire evaluation of the situation at hand: "If an uncensored version of that topless Kate Upton video @TMZ posted doesn't surface, it'll be the greatest example of communism ever," tweeted another Twitter user Jim Herling (@jimherling).

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