Legendary Latino musician Carlos Santana showed his appreciation for President Obama in an open letter posted to Facebook last Wednesday.

on Santana's message, which has since been taken down. In the letter, the Mexican-American megastar gave his thoughts on Obama's final State of the Union speech, Clutch Magazine Online reported

"I witnessed your speech last night," Santana wrote. "I am deeply inspired, encouraged and profoundly grateful for your words. Your consciousness soars with clarity and divine purpose. Your [sic] articulated your views, subjects and comments with compassion. You made me feel how blessed we are to share life with your leadership."

Santana continued to say that Obama has resonated with him more than any president in the past, even John F. Kennedy.

Obama was not the only subject of the letter. Santana also called out Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. The musician recalled an experience he had as a child that brought to mind the controversial politician and businessman.

"[As a child] I often crossed the border to visit the San Diego Zoo. I would hear loud screams and commotion in the distance. As I came closer to the sound, I noticed everyone was staring at an ape in a glass cage," Santana wrote. "With an angry look of disgust, the ape defecated in his hand and threw it at the crowd. This is what I hear when Mr Trump speaks."

Santana went on to say that Trump lacked consciousness and integrity, and that the Republicans were selling hate and fear. He urged the country to reject these un-American values and "go forward with light and love into the future."

The post was reported to have garnered over 23,000 likes, although the message was met with much backlash from Republican fans of the artist. Some commentators even said they lost respect for Santana.

Still, it's clear that his message resonated with many readers. Many Latinos have condemned Trump for his stance on immigration and ignorant comments aimed at Mexicans, among others. The candidate has also advocated building a wall on the southern border of the U.S.