This weekend saw the might and fury of "Godzilla" return to the silver screen after a disappointing take on the beloved Japanese monster 16 years ago.

With technology much better than it was when Matthew Broderick tried taking on the lizard king himself and IMAX becoming a regular staple in blockbuster movie production, this recent take on "Godzilla," which is now a 60-year-old creation, was sure not to disappoint as it has raked in more than $93 million domestically so far.

The film, which earned top spot at the box office this weekend, exceeded previous expectations for its domestic debut, The Washington Post reported.

The wrath of Godzilla was close but, unfortunately for Warner Bros., not close enough to knock "Captain America" off of his feet with his film "The Winter Soldier" bringing in $95 million during the film's opening weekend. The second "Captain America" installment earned the all-time April record and 11th-best opening ever for the superhero genre.

Even the Captain's friend Spider-Man couldn't bring him down with the "Amazing Spider-Man 2," earning only $91.6 million when the film opened earlier this month.

However, "Godzilla," which stars America's favorite meth dealer Bryan Cranston, earned $38.5 million from Friday's take alone, making it the biggest Friday of the year, according to Post.

The previous incarnation of "Godzilla" happened 16 years ago when filmmaker Roland Emmerich tried tackling the big guy alongside Broderick as the film's star. The 1998 version, released on May 20 and produced by Sony, brought in only $44 million its opening weekend, according to Box Office Mojo.

The Post reported that this year's "Godzilla" with Gareth Edwards at the helm had the biggest North American opening for a creature feature. "Jurassic Park: The Lost World" was the record holder with $72 million during its opening weekend.

"Godzilla," which also stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Juliette Binoche, Elizabeth Olsen and David Strathairn, has grossed $102 million overseas, making the film's global total out to $196.2 million.