Verizon recently announced its new unlimited data plan which costs $80 per month. The plan was designed to compete with their rival T-Mobile's ONE unlimited data plan which costs $70 per month. Verizon sets itself apart from T-Mobile by giving a 10GB of tethering data per month with a full HD video streaming to customers.

Verizon's offer spurred T-Mobile which leads for T-Mobile to find ways to compete with its competitor's offer. According to AppleNWS, T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced that all T-Mobile ONE subscribers could also stream HD video as well as get a 10GB high-speed data with no extra charges.

T-Mobile's CEO has also announced the promotion that offers two lines with unlimited data for $100 per month to their customers. The standard price point is $120. However, the company is planning to give a discount of $20, and that makes $100 instead of $120.

The current $70 plan only limits the streaming video quality to 480p and caps mobile hotspot speed at 512kbps despite the fact that customers could already pay extra for the HD video and high-speed tethering.

According to The Verge, after Verizon's announcement, the plan immediately offered an unlimited hotspot data which was limited to 2G speeds. In this plan, customers have an option to pay for the 5GB of data for the additional $15 per month.

T-Mobile ONE is also planning to limit subscribers to 480p "optimized" video for free through its Binge On program. With this, users can now stream Binge On content with a higher resolution by default.

The company, however, did not give any specific details on the new resolution which is expected to be available to ONE subscriber. According to some users, HD usually equates to 720p. The implementation of HD video on the plan is little cumbersome because it is not automatically enabled even if customers offer an extra pay for it.

For now, T-Mobile "One Plus" plan includes unlimited HD day passes. Customers who want a higher definition video can switch to HD video.