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Halo Sports: Headphones That Supercharges The Brain

First Posted: Mar 21, 2017 04:42 AM EDT

Halo Neuroscience has spent more than a decade developing the world's first closed-loop neurostimulation device for patients who have epilepsy. Now, the team recently released Halo Sports Headphones - a brain training tool for people who want to zap their neurons to enhance their athleticism.

The $749 Halo Sports Headphones are an over the ear headphones that can deliver small electrical impulses to the motor cortex. The motor cortex is a portion of the brain that controls body movement. The headphones can out the brain cells in a state of hyperplasticity. It is a state where the mind temporarily becomes more receptive to learning the physical movement.

According to the Digital Trends, the development of the Halo Sports Headphones are based on the actual research and real-world trials. Halo Neuroscience team have conducted several studies, research, and tests asserting how useful the headphones in improving the strength and precision of movements are.

Halo Sports Headphones are made of flexible and heavy-duty yet lightweight metal and plastic. The headphones are pre-installed with a 3.5-inch open leatherette ear cups that provides a soft cushion while allowing the sound to pass through if the person using it needs to pay attention to his or her surroundings.

Halo Sports Headphones are recommended to use for people who love to go biking and jogging. Upon purchasing the product, the customers can also receive a pair of closed ear cups that can swap in to have a better sound isolation.

Halo Sports Headphones can be charge through microUSB which lasts eight to 20 minutes neuro priming seasons. According to Haloneuro, the Halo Sports Headphones can accelerate training improvements when doing bench press, squat, rock climbing, vertical jump, and sprints. It would also be convenient when running, swimming, and cycling.

Halo Sports Headphones also can play music. It can also be plug-in into any audio device with the use of a flat audio cable with in-line mic. Furthermore, Halo Sports Headphones guides customers through the installation of the neuro primers that letting them know when they have proper skin contact.

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