Microsoft has announced that Forza Horizon 2 is in the works and will be released this fall.

The game is coming to both Xbox One and Xbox 360, but Playground Games will only be developing the Xbox One version. The Xbox 360 game will be done by Sumo Digital, with Forza Horizon 1's Graphics will be used as a baseline, notes IGN.

"[Turn 10 and Playground] share this belief that we can create a true home for racing fans on Xbox One," said Ralph Fulton, the creative director for Horizon 2.

There will be hundreds of cars and making its debut is a new weather system. The Lamborghini Huracán is the headline car. The Drivatar system is being adapted for Horizon 2. The game won't take place in Louisiana. Instead, it will take place in Southern Europe.

Fulton says the new destination will give off "incredible diversity" and "amazing vistas."

The game will still largely revolve around music, with a music festival being the main event that other activities revolve around. This was an aspect of the game that was not loved by all, but it will continue to play a part of the game.

Throughout the month of June, IGN will be showing off the new and improved features. On Tuesday, for example, the site will share a preview of the game.

"We traveled to Playground Games in the UK and brought back a (metric!) ton of content that we're excited to share with you all month long, including tomorrow's full preview of our hands-on time with the game," IGN said.

The point of the open-road game is to win races and increase popularity level by driving fast, destroying things and more outrageous antics. Drift, rally and point-to-point races have been previously included.