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Kim Kardashian’s Un-Airbrushed Derrière costs her 100,000 Instagram followers

First Posted: Apr 28, 2017 06:05 PM EDT
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Reality TV star Kim Kardashian's famous butt has found yet another reason to remain in headlines these days, but for all wrong reasons.  It all happened when the 36-year-old was snapped in a selection of skimpy attires that not only showed off her curves, but also the cellulite on her famous rear.

According to the Mirror, Kim Kardashian has been holidaying in Mexico with sister Kourtney and friends. A series of pictures were clicked featuring the reality TV star in a crop top and thongs that left her imperfect butt cheeks for all to see.

This did not go down well with her followers who claimed that Kim Kardashian has been photoshopping her perfect Instagram images for years and lying about it. Soon after the unairbrushed pictures went viral, 100,000 fans have unfollowed her.

This is a major hit on Kim Kardashian's social media status. Fans are angry and felt cheated that all of her previous "flawless" pictures might also be the result of picture manipulation.

Instagram users called on her with "Your body is completely fake" and that there was "nothing real" about her. Critics commented that Kim Kardashian should face reality and stop making Photoshop her go-to app.

Kim Kardashian was also severely critiqued by "Good Morning Britain" host Piers Morgan. Morgan stated that he has had enough of the Kardashians family antics.

"I'm done with Kim Kardashian and her ghastly family. It's time to boot Kim Kardashian and her gigantic, surgically enhanced backside into the same obscurity from which she once crawled thanks to that infamous sex tape," Mail Online quoted Piers Morgan. "I no longer want to keep up with the Kardashians. Period. Nor should you."

However, amidst all the controversy, Kim Kardashian and her ample rear still have 98.7million followers. The reality TV star recently went to Mexico celebrate sister Kourtney Kardashian's birthday. 


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