The Spanish accent was recently voted as one of the top accents in the entire world along with others such as Kiwi, Italian and French. Coming in strong at number 8, the Spanish accent has long been known to make knees buckle and people swoon.

Spanish is spoken all over the world in hundreds of different dialects. There are an estimated 400 million Spanish speakers in the world. Most speakers come from Mexico, a country with an estimated 130,000,000 Spanish speakers.

The language is most often associated with the colorful life of the Latin people. Spanish speakers are thought to have the "Latin temperament." They also have an extreme fondness for passionate acts such as dancing and living life to the fullest.

Due to the seductive, Latin lilt, speakers are glamorized in popular cultures like music and movies, creating a 'Spicy Latina stereotype' made famous by Sofia Vergara and Naya Rivera, among others.

The History of the Spanish Language

The Spanish language is also known as Castilian, a dialect originally from Cantabria in north-central Spain and is the basis of modern standard Spanish.

The Castilian dialect rose in prominence in the 9th century in north-central Spain. The dialect spread southward during the 11th century when Spain was reconquered from the Moors.

Modern standard Spanish was developed when the kingdom of Castile merged with Aragon, from northeastern Spain, and the medieval kingdom of Leon. Castilian became the official language of Spain, leading to the collapse of the regional dialects of several kingdoms---some are still spoken today in secluded rural areas.

What Makes Foreign Accents So Sexy?

There is science behind the reason why we often find other accents charming. Research says our social and cultural associations, and not the actual way they sound, changes our perception.

To many Americans, the British accent is often associated with high social status, largely due to the United States' colonial history. It's also a common perception that British speakers are smarter regardless of language.

Experts say the French and Italian accents are associated with romance simply because France, Paris or Italy are considered as being romantic places.

Studies conducted by linguistic experts say we are sexually attracted to accents that define the qualities we are looking for in a partner. Countries with stereotypes also influence our perception of an accent.

Apart from stereotypes, people are also attracted to the appeal of a new culture, tradition, and upbringing that comes with foreign languages and accents. A foreign voice is a refreshing sound when you've been stuck hearing the same tone for years.

Another reason why some foreign accents and languages are compelling has something to do with race and people's expectations of them or 'accenticism'.

Accenticism is an individual's bias toward a community or another person based on how they sound. It is evident in the way we are attracted to accents that 'represent' ideal qualities and are turned off from accents often used in areas we judge negatively.

Accents are also associated with a person's education--- changing the way we label someone 'smart' based on the way they speak.

What Makes Spanish Accents So Alluring?

The Spanish people are often connected to a joyous life full of dancing and drinking. The Latinx people are also known for giving hugs and kisses, even to new acquaintances. Latinos and Latinas are also bold and confident people who know what they want and how they want it.

It's these factors, coupled in with the Latinx's unwavering spirit, that makes the Spanish accent truly irresistible.

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