The number of people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic all over the world is nearing 1 million. With this fast-growing figure, health professionals and government officials have strongly endorsed social distancing. More so, COVID-19 has become the hottest topic of the day each day for months now.

Additionally, it's just understandable that the most popular names on the market also have their own share of showing integrity and sending a relevant message to the consumers. 

And, as some people attempted to envision how famous labels could stay in line considering the latest news about COVID-19, some of the top brands took the issues into their own hands.

Five of the major brands that, perhaps, ever person regardless of age, gender and nationality, definitely know, discovered a clever strategy to stay in line with the present event related to the pandemic, not to mention, inspire the public "to keep social distance."

Specifically, these brands added some tiny twists to, or a little redesigning of their "iconic logos," once more, highlighting the vitality of social distancing.

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5 Brands with a Common Advocacy for Social Distancing

Brian Braiker, Ad Age editor-in-chief says, now is the right time for these companies to offer a "real, meaningful service." Relatively, a number of A-list businesses have contributed to such initiatives. Gap, for one, made masks for the health workers. Some others like these five brands, contributed by logo redesigning and messages sent to the consumers.

The "Iconic Golden Arches" Separated in the logo of some McDonald's Branches

Some of McDonald’s’ international locations had their “iconic golden arches” separated by spaces
(Photo : Twitter)

Some of McDonald's' international locations had their "iconic golden arches" separated by spaces in support of health officials and to highlight the essentiality of social distancing.

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 "Four rings apart" in Audi's Logo Encourages the Public to Practice Social Distancing

“Four rings apart” in Audi’s Logo Encourages the Public to Practice Social Distancing
(Photo : Twitter)

The car manufacturer encourages the public to strictly observe social distancing and stay home by sharing a video featuring the four separated rings in their logo.

Volkswagen Twisted Up Its Logo Giving Space Between 'V' and 'W'

Volkswagen Twisted Up Its Logo Giving Space Between ‘V’ and ‘W’
(Photo : Twitter)

Like Audi, Volkswagen, shared videos too, of its tweaked-up logo on its social media account. In the video, the car company showed the separated letters, 'V' and 'W' in the logo.

Coca Cola Sends Important Message via Billboards

Coca-Cola is tweaking its logo by having a space in-between all the letters
(Photo : Twitter)

Coca-Cola appears to be constantly aligned not just with the latest goings-on. It has pioneered in marketing trends, too. It is thus no longer surprising the leading beverage company is tweaking its logo too, providing space in-between all the letters. This modified logo has been put up on some of its billboards with one, specifically put on the Time Square in New York City. Moreover, the campaign of Coca-Cola carries such an inspiring slogan: "Staying apart is the best way to stay connected."

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Chiquita Sends an Inspiring Message by Removing the Fruit Lady from the Logo 

Chiquita Sends an Inspiring Message by Removing the Fruit Lady from the Logo
(Photo : Instagram)

On their Instagram account, Chiquita posted, "She's home." This two-word statement sends an encouraging message to people to just stay at home. This international food company took out the popular "Miss Chiquita" from its logo and wrote via Instagram, "I'm already home."