Its been a long time for many of the country's population since their last travel. Since the start of the stay-at-home orders of the country many people were required to stay indoors and advised to only go out for essential activities such as working for those businesses which were classified as essential, going out to buy groceries, and medicine. Most people had been obliged to follow social distancing rules whenever they go out. This is the country's way of preventing the further spread of the novel coronavirus. Many people in the workforce had lost their jobs due to the closing of non-essential businesses.

Since many places in the country and different parts of the world are preparing to restart their economy with a few modifications of how business, work, and other activities are done considering the risks brought by the coronavirus, the travel industry will also be getting a comeback. But it will not be easy as it is one of the worst-hit industries during the early days of the pandemic. 

Air Travel 

With the increasing population of Latinos in the United States of America, air travel may be seeing a good number of customers coming from this group. 

Flight attendants are important in the travel industry, they are one of the staff in an airline who get in close contact with the customers. Based on the statistics provided in the website of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 73.7 percent are white, 17.5 percent are African-Americans, 15.3 percent are Latinos, 5.4 percent are Asians. It means that the jobs in the airline industry employs a diverse group of people in the country and the coronavirus had significantly affected the earning capabilities of these people. 

Furthermore, an article reveals that it will be difficult for the air travel industry to bounce back and get back to its normal operations.It also mentiioned that the air travel industry will go back to its normal operations in two to three years. 

We know that airlines will require wearing of facemasks not only for their staff but also for the travelers. Many airline customers will also be seeing frequent sanitation and cleaning activities in airline facilities even with the reduced number of passengers for precaution. 

Going on a Road Trip

As many states in the country are reopening, you can probably go on a road trip soon. Of course, you should still be careful as there is still no official vaccine or cure to combat the novel coronavirus. You will also be enjoying a road trip as soon as many shops, restaurants, and centers are reopening in many parts of the country. 

Additionally, an article states that many RV renters want to go on camping and visit parks in the following months. 

It also states that people who will be traveling in the next few months will be seeing stricter sanitation protocols and frequent cleaning of facilities. 

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For Travellers

People who will be traveling in the following months where a vaccine or cure to the novel coronavirus is still not officially available will be witnessing business establishments and public areas conducting frequent sanitation procedures, enforcing social distancing guidelines and requiring people to wear face masks.