Good things that happened you should know amid the global pandemic according to a recently published article. It is undeniable that the global pandemic has brought negative impacts to almost everyone around the globe. This made many lives difficult and harder to the point that there seems to space for some to recover from its negative economic and financial impacts. 

Everyday, news outlets around the world are saturated with the increase of infections and death toll. People are already tired of reading and hearing this news. Everyone deserves to know the good things that have happened during the global pandemic.

Here are the lists of some good things you should know that occurred during the devastation of COVID-19:

1. A woman from Cedarburg did not let the global pandemic to stop her in completing her 45 acts of kindness in 45 days as part of her 45th birthday.

2. The global pandemic has put many into anxiety and depression. To help them feel not too much depressed with what is happening around, people decided to decorate sidewalks, driveways, and windows with a message of hope, humor, and perseverance to give light in the dark path that most are walking today.  

3. Many musicians financially struggle during these days due to strict measures and the almost two months stay-at-home order. To help the financially affected musicians, the Milwaukee natives put together virtual music festivals and raised money to give financial aid.

4. Oprah Winfrey donates to her hometown, Milwaukee, an amount of $100,000 to two local organizations as a COVID-19 relief.

5. Church gatherings were not allowed during Easter. A church pastor made a way to make the child with special needs happy by delivering to them Easter baskets to make up for the annual egg hunt.

6. Many families starved during the pandemic because they were either laid-off or lost their jobs. To somehow help some of the families in Dane County, a 7-year-old boy had raised more than $20,000 through a virtual lemonade stand.

7. There is no exemption of the pandemic. Even one of the biggest leagues in the world, the National Basketball Association, suspends its season for the meantime. Which means many were not able to receive their salary. However, Giannis Antetokounmpo and the rest of the Milwaukee Bucks donated some amount for part-time employees who do not have work today.

8. Two restaurants have worked together to give free meals or food to those who are in need. They became an inspiration in the community and led many to donate money and food to help them out in their mission.

9. Schools were also put into hiatus to protect them from the infectious and deadly virus. Instead of staying at home and do nothing, they decided to make their senior year something strange by making face masks, leading food drives, and becoming part of the essential workers.

10. Food is one of the main concerns during the pandemic. Many families were left with an empty stomach at night. But a gardener from Beloit doubled in food production and gave it to those who are in need in the community.