Pitbull is an American rapper who has Cuban heritage. Despite his many achievements in his music industry career, he had never forgotten his journey to where he is today and his Latino roots.  

His Fortune

According to an article, Pitbull has a net worth of $100 million. His career in the music industry had helped him a lot to accumulate such wealth. Also, his commitment to achieving his dreams was one of the important factors that led him to get financial stability. 

Furthermore, his many awards and achievements in the entertainment industry had allowed him to meet more doors to expand his career and increase his earning capacity. Moreover, an article reveals that Pitbull is known to be good at handling his finances. He was able to earn money from his career in music and invested those earnings in some companies and projects. He had transformed into a good businessman who knows his worth and the worth and potential of a possible business venture.

His Story

Armando Christian Pérez was born in Miami, Florida. His parents were immigrants from Cuba. At a young age, he was able to witness his parents separate. After the separation, he lived with his mother. Despite his parent's separation, he was able to learn the Spanish language by the age of three. 

After a while, he was adopted by a family in Georgia. After graduating high school, he started building a career in the music industry as a rapper. 

He chose to use the stage name 'Pitbull' because it represents him being a fighter just like the reputation given to the dog breed 'pitbull.' 

One of the best parts of his early career in the music industry is his song 'Oye' which was included in the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious. Also, he was able to be featured on an album by Campbell. The rest was history. Fast forward to the present. He is a talented artist with a big heart to use his entrepreneurial skills at being proud of his Latino heritage by helping out the Latino community. 

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Helping Small Latino-owned Businesses

In recent news, it was reported that Pitbull, real name Armando Christian Pérez, had collaborated for a project Jeff Hoffman, Global Entrepreneurship Network's and Hello Alice. The project aims to help Latino-owned small businesses to get back on their feet as many states across the country are readying and slowly jumpstarting their economy by allowing many businesses to reopen. Furthermore, the article states that the project aims to provide financial assistance to deserving small businesses amounting to more or less $10,000. They are putting their resources to work and fundraising for the project. Other activities that the project will be hosting are mentorship and guidelines for Latino business owners. By helping Latino-owned small businesses, the project can keep those businesses open amid the constraints brought by the coronavirus pandemic. It means that many workers, including Latino workers, will be able to keep their jobs. Also, those businesses that can successfully survive the pandemic can provide job opportunities not only to Latino communities but to the entire population of the country.