Business in modern reality has to use social media in its development: social media give you an opportunity to grow your brand, reach your customers, and receive a huge amount of feedback. There are 3 billion people around the globe using social media, and all these people can find information about your brand, a large number of people to work with, eh? Another statistic says that today brands have even more followers than celebrities. For example, 80 percent of people follow at least one business on Instagram.

Leaving social media without attention means that you are missing an effective way to reach half of the worlds' population.

1. Getting your target audience

Social media are now a natural place where people get information about products they like. You might think that people only connect to brands they already know, but this is not so. For example, 60 percent of Instagram users consider that they've discovered new products on the platform. 

2. Humanizing your brand

Showing the human side is a great idea to connect with your customers - and potential customers - have feedback, answer the questions, and reach people who are interested in your product. You can also introduce customers who use the benefits of your brand to your followers.

3. Establishing your brand as a thought leader

No matter what niche in business you take, you should establish your brand as a social media leader. Use a partnership with renowned bloggers, fresh trends, and anything like that. It is a great way to get and keep customers trust and make them come back to your brand again and again. More than 80% of buyers say that the leading position on the market is the main reason to trust brands. But when you start placing content on your brand page, you have to remember that 63 percent of people trust technical experts, while only 43 trust brands.

4. Staying on top

Having your social media pages, you should keep in mind the fact that most users check their pages and news feed once a day, but there is still another large group of users who do it more often. How can you use this information? You need to time-manage your posts in social media to get into clients' newsfeed as often as possible. It allows you to keep in touch with your customer and make them come back to your brand again and again.

5. Increasing traffic

Advertising via services like Ingramer and social media posts can attract people's attention to your content really fast and increase your website visibility. Read Ingramer review to know more on social media promotion. Theme tags on social media posts can also attract new people to your product and drive traffic to your website. But don't be too aggressive; just make it easy for people who are interested in getting as much information with one click. A pinned post can be a great idea to highlight a landing page. 

6. Generating leads

Most social media propose an easy way to grow the interest in your business and products by special advertising scripts, mathematical models, and design aiming to collect leads.

As an example, Renault Europe used Facebook lead ads and proposed information about the new model, booking, and test-drive just in a few clicks. Should we say that it had a tremendously positive effect on sales?

7. Boosting sales

Social media can help you in selling anything, whatever you decide to sell. Your account is the main reason why new contact becomes a customer. As the number of social media users grows up, social media sales tools will evolve too.

Social media have become a great instrument for people and brands to find each other depending on their wishes, preferences, and so on. You have to understand and use this to grow your sales and income as a result. Be friendly to your customer; make it easy to find all the information about your product, and people will come to you.