Jeffrey Epstein victim Jennifer Araoz has started a foundation to help victims of sexual abuse and sex-trafficking.

According to a Fox News report, Araoz revealed this during an exclusive interview with The Post.

Araoz, 33 and from Queens, is opening the Survivors Initiative on Wednesday with hopes to support a network for victims of sexual abuse and trafficking and help them pursue criminal and civil punishment for their abusers.

The foundation will offer a monthly support group in New York and Washington, D.C. With this, women and girls will be encouraged to share their stories and ask for advice.

The foundation will also help women connect with Time's Up legal defense fund to get legal services that are discounted or free. The organization will contribute five percent of funding to the Time's Up legal defense fund.

Araoz's organization is targeting to partner with modeling agencies so that models can learn about the resources and support that the group can offer them.

Araoz is also working with data-management experts to trace possible predators on social media. With this, they can either alert law enforcement or the women who might fall prey.

Araoz also wants to work with prosecutors to help victims obtain needed evidence against their abusers. Evidence might be hard to obtain as this could have already happened years before the investigation.

Araoz said that it is a way for women, especially young children, who can sometimes feel alone from other states, cities, or other countries.

"To feel like they have somewhere to go if they feel like they have been prey to someone who could be a predator so they are not alone anymore," Araoz said in a Fox News report.

At the time I could have used something just like this and this would have been a huge help for me and I'm sure so many others," Araoz added. 

Jeffrey Epstein Case

Araoz sued the late sex abuser with his alleged partner Ghislaine Maxwell last year.

Araoz claimed that she was raped by Jeffrey Epstein at his tony Manhattan townhouse when she was just 15 after being recruited by a brunette a year earlier at her performing arts high school.

She then filed a separate lawsuit against Maxwell, claiming the latter's involvement in the sex trafficking ring. The British socialite has since been arrested and charged with sex-trafficking, enticement of minors, and perjury.

In a CNBC news report, Maxwell took an oath saying that she never saw Jeffrey Epstein have sex with a minor. Maxwell also said that she is not addressing any questions about consensual adult sex.

"I never observed Jeffrey having sex with a minor," Maxwell noted in a CNBC report.

Many women had stepped forward and said that Jeffrey Epstein sexually abused and exploited them when they were minors. Maxwell has been accused of being a recruiter of some teenage girls.

Jeffrey Epstein had socialized around the affluent people, including presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. He was also reported to have a connection with British royal Prince Andrew. 

Jeffrey Epstein reportedly died on Aug. 10 last year at Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York. 

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