A border patrol officer arrested a group of migrants trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border illegally. Among the individuals caught in the act, a suspected MS-13 gang member joined the group and tried to sneak into California.

The announcement of the arrest was made by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). It can be remembered that apart from gangs, drug cartels from Mexico are reported to smuggle their members inside the United States. The drug cartel members utilize migrant families and even kids, disguise themselves as the legal guardian of a kid from a migrant family, and even give out false names just to sneak in inside the borders of the United States.

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MS-13 Gang on U.S.-Mexico Borders

An officer from the Border Patrol San Diego Sector was the one who caught the group of illegal migrants, red-handed, as they try to sneak into the border. The arrest happened in a border wall in the town of Campo at around 12:45 in the morning while the border officer is patrolling the mountains near the Forest Gate Road.

The border patrol officer questioned the group of illegal immigrants, and all six allegedly admitted that they planned to cross the country illegally, according to a New York Post report.

The suspected MS-13 gang member was confirmed by the record checks when the migrants were brought to the border patrol station for processing.

The name of the confirmed gang member was not disclosed by the U.S. Customs and Border protection, but the agency revealed that the gang member was 28 years old and an El Salvadorian national.

"I'm proud of the great work by our agents in arresting this gang member," said Chief Patrol Agent Aaron Heitke. Heitke also emphasized that the hard work of the border officers promulgates the safety of the neighborhoods.

The identities of the other five men who were arrested by the border patrol agent were identified by the agency as three El Salvadorian, one Mexican, and one Honduran.

What is the MS-13 Gang?

The MS-13 gang established a reputation surrounding violence and killing machetes. The group was formed in Los Angeles during the 1980s. The proponent of this group is known to be immigrants who escaped El Salvador's brutal civil war.

Apart from El Salvadorians, other nationals are also members of the group. These are nationals from Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras.

MS-13 is known to recruit poor and at-risk teenagers. Reports noted that initiation to this group includes being subjected to the vicious 13-second beating and carrying out a crime - often murder - for the gang. In 2012, the U.S. Treasury named the gang a "transnational criminal organization."

MS-13 Gang is also involved in drugs, human smuggling, murder, prostitution, extortion, and other illegal activities. The majority of the members of MS-13 are between the ages of 11 and 40. They can be easily identified through very visible tattoos, which are usually on their faces.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection did not confirm if the MS-13 gang member have tattoos on the face. Meanwhile, all the illegal migrants caught by the border patrol officer are processed for removal from the United States.

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