The Johnson and Johnson vaccine was seen to have "rare" blood clot occurrence. Because of this, a European drug regulator is reviewing the blood clots among four Americans who received the said vaccines.

It can be remembered that AstraZeneca vaccines were suspended in several countries from the European Union such as France, Portugal, and Germany because the said vaccine also formed blood clots on some of their constituents. Meanwhile, Johnson and Johnson noted that they are aware of the blood clot occurrence from their vaccine and are working with regulators.

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Blood Clot After J&J Jab

The Safety Committee from the European Medicine's Agency (EMA) is the one who is investigating the blood clot occurrence on four Americans who received the jab, according to a report from Reuters.

EMA noted that among the four serious cases of the blood clot and low platelets, three were identified during the COVID vaccine rollout in the United States. The three incidents were added to the death of an individual during the which were reported in Johnson and Johnson's clinical trial, due to blood clotting disorder.

In an emailed statement of Johnson and Johnson to Reuters, the company emphasized that the three incidents still have no clear relationship between the "rare events" and their COVID-19 vaccine.

EMA's investigation on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine follows their preparation for including the shot among the roster of COVID vaccines that are used in Europe's vaccine rollout, according to an Insider report.

EMA's report is the first to mention a blood clot occurrence on people administered with Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration pointed out that they were aware of the blood clot allegations. The agency also emphasized that they also did not find any relationship between the blood clot to Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Experts on Johnson and Johnson Vaccine

Data from the World Health Organization reflect the U.S. has recorded a total of 30,692,226, with 554,783 deaths, from January 3, 2020 to April 10, 2021. As of March 31, 2021, the country has administered about 154,238,865 vaccine doses.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted that nearly five million people in the United States have received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine as of Thursday morning.

"You don't want to be fueling unnecessary worries about the safety of vaccines when you're still on an enormous outbreak," said Art Caplan, a bioethicist from New York University.

Meanwhile, Ian Douglas, a professor from pharmacoepidemiology at London School Hygiene and Tropical Medicine noted that it is "too early to comment" on the blood clot with Johnson and Johnson vaccine and the capillary leak connected to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The Johnson and Johnson vaccine who was observed by EMA because of blood clot incidents is already approved in Europe. However, the said COVID vaccine is not yet distributed or included in the region's vaccine rollout.

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