California Governor Gavin Newsom said that the residents may soon enjoy the outdoors as the state will no longer require Californians to wear their face masks by June 15. The governor confirmed the changes on the mask mandates in an interview with Fox 11, as cited by Fox News on Tuesday. Newsom emphasized that restrictions will not take in any "way, shape, or form."

Newsom confirmed the details a day after he announced the second wave of $600 stimulus check intended for the middle-class and low-income taxpayers of California. On Monday, the California governor shared that taxpayers earning $75,000 will be given the stimulus check, as well as an additional $500 to the families who have dependent children. Undocumented families in the state will also benefit from the said plan.

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What Happens to Face Masks by June 15?

Gov. Gavin Newsom confirmed that face-covering will be out by June 15 and the activities that people used to do will also not be restricted. However, the governor noted that face masks might still be required to "large-scale indoor conventions" where the people need to use their common sense.

June 15 will mark one year since Californians were required to wear face coverings in public places. The said guidance will not require the residents to wear face masks in public places. However, apart from large indoor gatherings, face masks should be worn during an indoor gathering with people who are not vaccinated. Meanwhile, fully vaccinated Californians will be allowed to attend indoor gatherings without masks.

Newsom's confirmation on Tuesday comes as California's Secretary of Health and Human Services Mark Ghaly also said the same day that the state is on track in dropping the tier restrictions that have limited capacity at businesses, Deadline reported.

However, ABC News pointed out that Newsom altered his words a day later, saying that California "sill still have likely some mask guidelines and mandates," when it comes to indoor activities.

"The bottom line is, we'll go back to most of broad strokes semblance of normalcy if we continue down this path," said Newsom. He added that they hope sooner or later, the face mask indoor mandates "will be lifted as well."

Meanwhile, Fox News noted the California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board is considering changing its workplace mask rules later this month. The proposed rule by the state board would not require the employees to wear face masks in the workplace if all the workers are fully vaccinated, and no employees possess COVID-19 symptoms.

California and Vaccination

Gov. Gavin Newsom was placed under pressure to relax the coronavirus restrictions as the number of new cases decline in the state. ABC News highlighted that the rate of people in California testing positive for COVID-19 1.1 percent, which is the lowest in the whole U.S. In terms of vaccination, more than 14.6 million people are fully vaccinated against coronavirus and 5.1 million are partially vaccinated against the notorious virus.

Despite Newsom's confirmation of easing the mask mandate by June 15, spokeswoman for the California Department of Public Health, Ali Bay, encouraged the Californians to follow the state's current face mask guidelines.

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