Globally we all are facing challenges of Covid-19 for the past year. During these times, there are changes in our activities and living style to adapt to this crisis. Most of the organizations have adapted to work from home culture. In a situation like this, conducting L&D programs for employees by traditional methods is a bit of a task.

Modern problems require modern solutions, right? So businesses are rapidly finding ways to take advantage of the digital space. Considering today's WFH era, many businesses are switching to Learning Management System (LMS) like WorkRamp to carry on employee training and learning. LMS will not only help today but is worth the investment from a future perspective also. 

One of the best things about LMS is that it is learner-centric. LMS is not restricted to the delivery of educational content but it also involves administration, documentation, reporting and tracking of the employee training. With corporate training going beyond physical training, LMS can be a great portal that provides regulated and measurable learning without boundaries.

Here are some reasons why the LMS solution is highly recommended for employee L&D.

  • Centralized learning 

LMS is a cloud-based system that is easily accessible. Unlike traditional methods in which employees have to collect separate training modules or data, in LMS, employees can find the modules and all relevant data in one place. This facility can allow users to easily access any data and learn with ease. With this facility, an employee can easily access all training materials, anytime anywhere. 

  • Mobile friendly

Nowadays, everything is available on a mobile phone with just one click. Considering this era of mobile phones and frequency of usage, L&D programs are also going mobile-friendly. Besides making learning more engaging, mobile learning makes it easy to access data, any time anywhere. On the other hand, interactive applications reinforce learner experience by making it a lot easier. Moreover, mobile learning enables your organization to access the learner's progress, easy tracking as well as reporting.

  • Reduce time and cost

LMS can help your organization to save the physical classroom training costs like course printouts, equipment rentals or setup. While with online training, you will just need a laptop and a good internet connection. Moreover, your employees will also save travelling time which will not disturb them in the course of work. Therefore, the costs of using LMS are fairly limited and will help your organization save the time, money and potential problems associated with upgrading a system. 

  • Easier compliance

Rules and regulations of any organization have to change from time to time to meet the present trend. Every employee should comply with the present laws of the organization. Compliance with the present regulation will ensure that the training methods and courses are up to the standard. Meeting the needs accordingly by traditional methods can be a task. This modern LMS contains features that help complete the compliance requirements easily and more effectively through its automated functions.

  • Track employee performance

One of the great benefits of using LMS is that you can conveniently keep track of your employee performance and progress during the training. Accordingly, you can suggest a necessary improvement that an employee should consider. It will ultimately aid in improving the overall performance of the employee and your organization as well. 


Considering today's digital era, a digital training program can help your employees a lot. To conclude, every organization should choose an effective LMS which is beneficial for the growth of employees. One thing you should keep in mind is that LMS always needs to be learner-centric and also aiming at business development