A Florida mom was accidentally shot and killed on Wednesday by her toddler while she was on a work-related Zoom video call, police said.

According to Altamonte Springs police, the toddler found a loaded and unsecured gun inside their home at Altamonte Springs on the outskirts of Orlando and accidentally shot his mom in the head.

Florida Mom Shamaya Lynn on Zoom Call When Shot by Her Toddler

A co-worker, who was on the Zoom call with Shamaya Lynn, saw the 21-year-old Florida mom fell backward after hearing a loud bang.

Lynn's colleague, who called 911 past 10:30 a.m., told police that the Florida mom failed to return on the screen after that and only saw the toddler in the background.

Police rushed to the scene after receiving the call from Lynn's colleague, who said that she believed that the Florida mom had been shot. Police said cops and paramedics found Shamaya Lynn with a fatal gunshot wound to the head.

Police department spokesperson Master Police Officer Rob Ruiz said that first-responders did their best to render aid, but it was too late.

According to authorities, another toddler was also inside the house. And both children, including the one who fired the handgun, were not harmed. Police said they are now in the care of relatives.

Investigators said the gun belonged to the toddler's father. Authorities said an investigation is ongoing to determine if any charges will be filed against the father, who was not identified.

Ruiz urged everyone who owns a firearm to always keep it locked and secured to avoid this kind of incident.

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Other Kids Who Accidentally Shot Their Parents, Brother

The shooting of Florida mom Shamaya Lynn came just days after a 29-year-old father in North Carolina was accidentally shot and killed by his 2-year-old.

Markovia Durham and his son were visiting the boy's grandmother in Gastonia, near Charlotte, when the accident happened. The unnamed toddler reportedly picked up the gun, thinking it was a toy, and shot his father in the back while he was eating dinner.

A 25-year-old mother was also shot dead in North Carolina last February after one of her five kids discovered a pistol inside her purse. In April, a toddler in Houston found an unlocked gun and shot his eight-month-old baby brother that led to his death.

Father on Zoom Call Killed by His Son

Last year, a 72-year-old father in Long Island was killed by his son while he was also on a Zoom video call. Police said his 32-year-old son fatally stabbed his father while he was on a Zoom video call with about 20 people.

Some participants in the Zoom meeting called 911 after witnessing part of the attack. His son later confessed to investigators that he used several knives and stabbed his father several times because his father would not die.

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