Exclusive fashion events entertain some of the most influential and elite personalities in various industries which require special arrangements. Right from the party staff to the overall ambiance, everything needs to be classy and flawless. However, finding the right staff for these exclusive events is a challenging task. That's where Runway Waiters steps in to give these events a classy makeover.

Runway Waiters was launched in Los Angeles with the aim to connect top models to the best fashion brands and establish an arrangement that benefits both.. It's the team's hard work that has made it possible to align their goals with he expectations of their clients. Having worked with the top luxury brands in the world, Runway Waiters is currently the hottest party entertainment service in the USA.

Whether you want to book them to glamorize your upcoming event or check out their brilliant service, you will find everything on their Instagram and Facebook page.

Runway Waiters: Everything You Need To Know

Models often look for a side hustle in addition to their fashion shows to make some extra money. At the same time, high-end fashion brands are very particular about their event staff and want only the best for their party. Runway Waiters discovered these needs and formed a bridge to cater to both their problems at the same time.

The idea was an instant hit among the luxury brands and Runway Waiters was soon flooded with bookings. Runway Waiters attract as many as 50 bookings on a single weekend. Having worked for most exclusive brands and their high-end events, Runway Waiters is growing its high-profile clientele with each successful event. Some of the biggest brands that they have worked with include Gucci, Adidas, and Louis Vuitton.

Why Runway Waiter Only Work With Models From Top-Tier Agencies

Runway Waiters' clientele mainly consists of high-end luxury brands. Naturally, these brands want a top-notch ambiance for all of their events. To serve their clients with nothing but the best, they hire models from only top-tier agencies, such as Wilhelmina, Ford Models, NEXT Models, IMG, Elite, Storm, and The Lions, etc. The bigger the agency, the better the models.

Another reason why they only work with the best models is that some of these events are in-house. Brands use such events to showcase their designs using experienced models. So, although these aren't your typical fashion shows, the models need to be highly trained and experienced.

Runway Waiters' journey has been phenomenal. Starting in LA, they now have offices across all major cities in the USA including the state of Hawaii. The biggest factor that contributed to their growth is their flexibility and ability to keep up with changing trends. They started small with in-house events only. And today, they sign up for private parties and huge corporate events. They have also ventured into production and utilized their models for marketing purposes on Instagram and other social media platforms.

With ceaseless passion and relentless hard work, Runway Waiters has managed to spread their brand's presence all over the US. At this rate, they are expected to be seen as the best model staff provider for high-end events.