Going back to the office has been challenging for all of us. So here are some of the top issues employees want their bosses to know about. 

As the world tries to put Covid-19 behind it, we are being met with a few changes in the workplace. From office downsizing to better data management, we see some pretty dramatic changes that have far-reaching consequences in office culture.

While the health and safety procedures we use have had to change in the day-to-day running of your business, other factors have been hit hard, too. For example, fewer employees are to worry about, lead generation is more complex, and work/life balance has been altered forever.

With all these changes going on, we thought it best if we took a few moments to appreciate the employees we have left. So what do your employees want you to know about office life after the pandemic? 

4 Things Your Office Employees Want to Tell You

Post-pandemic, here are the things you should keep in mind when dealing with employees.

1 - Downsizing was Terrifying

When covid first hit, there was a rush of businesses downsizing their office space and dishing out redundancies. If your business was one of them: be sure to take extra time and appreciate the employees that stayed with you through all of this. Downsizing was terrifying for them. They thought they would be made redundant too. 

If you are still considering downsizing, finding a coworking space austin can help you cut costs but keep those staff.

2 - They're on your Side

You have been through a stressful time, too, and your employees want you to know that they appreciate this. As we go back to our offices, everyone feels like they have gone through the wringer. So take it slow, prioritize rewarding work, and make time to talk to each of them without resorting to raising your voice. If you need their help? Just ask. 

3 - Coming Back to Work Brings Anxiety

Some of your remote employees may prefer working from home in general but watch out for those that don't like it and longer because of the anxiety they feel. Returning to a workplace after extended time WFH can be downright frightening. Social anxiety kicks in; you wonder how you can return to chatting over the water cooler when there are germs all over the place. There is a lack of control associated with this uncertainty.

If you have employees who are reluctant to come back, this could be part of it.

4 - It's Been Lonely

We were all avoiding the people we loved in case we gave them the virus for a long time. This led to isolation and loneliness on a scale that people just are not used to. Give your employees time to chat with one another and consider organizing a team-building event. People have been on their own through all of this. Remind them what it is like to be part of the team.