Amir Hossein Nouri, a 36-year-old Iranian artist who has recently had a strong presence in the world arena, won three international awards in less than a month.

He won the title of "Middle East Artist" in the World Intercontinental Awards by presenting the song "White Dream". He also won the Best International Song of the Month award at the American Track Music Awards two weeks later. His song didn't stop there and he won another award on "Akademia Awards" (USA California) for best pop song of Month , August 2021. A Farsi song wining such awards shoes a pattern which may have been obscured before.

Perhaps in the past, the musical tastes of the people of each country were different from other countries due to the cultural, historical, and geographical background and language of that country. Over the past few decades, we have seen the presence of artists whose works are heard all over the world. Works that sometimes the audience does not even know the language (concept) of its, but understand its soulful music and audio charms.

However, the globalization of pop music, with the expansion of the media into the music industry, like many other industries that were more commercialized, has its own costs. Perhaps the most important of them is the out proportion chance of local talent in powerful countries ( in the field of music ) over other countries, as well as the tendency of music studios and producers to popularize art at a level that has faster and more profitable results, economically. Nevertheless, many committed artists around the world continued to strive to preserve artistic concepts, especially the efforts of artists to flourish in the hearts of Third World countries by composing and singing for human concerns causes to create meaningful works in the world's intellectual community.

Amir Hossein Nouri was born in Tehran on September 23rd, 1985, and started his professional activities in 1998 at the age of 14. Most of his activities are focused on composing and singing. In addition to his artistic activities. he started his music project in 2009 to give hope to children with Special diseases ( Cancer and autism) in Iran and has been performing in countries such as India with the hope of spreading his message further. In 2019, the first song of the "White Dream" project with the same name was released. With the increase of Amir Hossein Nouri's international activities and the publication of his songs internationally, new opportunities for him appeared to participate in international festivals. His tireless efforts flourished in 2021, despite two difficult decades. Works that have now reached greater maturity, both in the field of composition and in the field of singing. Her efforts to continue this path and write music with human meanings are accompanied by global achievements.

 Now it seems that our world needs more than ever the awareness of a new generation of artists from different countries to bring their indigenous yet universal experiences. Artists who, although with great difficulty, make a name for themselves in world music and need more support and attention from the international community, but their presence, although small, creates new spaces in music and reflects the concerns of life in other countries.

 Admittedly, indigenous artists from powerful countries often do not have the difficult experience of living in different countries, and the concerns of many people around the world always remain in the local songs of those lands. Experiences that create great works that, if heard, can reach the hearts of millions of people around the world. Like the work of Amir Hossein Nouri's "White Dream", which has been sung to give hope to children with cancer, who face different concerns in third world countries, and gradually, as this artist became better known, he will find his place in the heart of world music.