Mastering the digital realm through his innate skills and expertise is an aspiring professional, Miguel Maya.

If there is one thing that has been the talk of town since some years then it would be the humongous emergence and uprising of the social media space. With tremendous growth and potential, outspreading its reach to every nook and corner of the world, social media platforms has made sure to knock on the doors of each and every individual, firm, and business. There is absolutely nothing in this world that is currently working without the presence of social media. Having glued to devices all day long, smart firms and businesses have picked up great strategies to involve the modern-day customers. We met one such astute professional making waves in the digital marketing and social media space striving for excellence in each endeavor and delivering desired results for his clients- Miguel Maya.

Born and raised in Gilroy, California, Miguel Maya as a kid was inclined towards the ever-evolving digital sector. Coming from a modest family who also faced many financial problems, Miguel knew he had to punch above his weights to excel in the social media and digital space. With an urge to excel and hone his skills and expertise, he worked diligently towards understanding all the fundamentals and advances of the digital marketing sector and social media space. From creating his first Instagram page (childshoodpost) back in 2012 when he was in school to ending up having more than 4.5 millions followers, Miguel has come a long way in the digital niche. He has helped over more than 350 customers to establish a robust presence and visibility over the web through his innate business promotion strategies. His online marketing activities and other strategic imperatives have seen many firms and businesses built profitable sustainable revenues. Miguel's elite list of clientele is now spread over the US as well as in the UK.

With tasting success as an successful digital marketer, Miguel is also avid Instagram mentor who guides many upcoming influencers up their game on the social media front. With global aspirations in mind, Miguel is on route to launch his own digital media marketing firm which will further propel him to scale greater heights of success.