Are you looking for the next sports collectible sensation? NFTs are hot right now, with influencers like  Logan Paul and Gary Vee leading the charge of this new digital asset class. NFTs are a wide range of  digital assets, providing anything from video game characters to collectible sports memorabilia.

The KB24 NFT Collection is a digital collection of tradable virtual assets featuring the playing career of  Kobe Bryant. Bryant was one of basketball's greats, with the third-highest points tally in history, leading  the Lakers to five NBA Championships.

While there's already plenty of Kobe memorabilia out there, the KB24 NFT Collection offers fans  something different from the signed posters, player cards, and merch they already own.

The KB24 NFT collection is a selection of digital art of the basketball megastar. It's currently up for  presale on the official website, with plans to launch on the Opensea trading platform. The  KB24 NFT Collection offers fans a way to pay homage to their hero while making a valuable contribution  to one of Kobe's favorite charities.

KB24 - An NFT Art Project Celebrating the Bryant Legacy

The KB24 Collection is the hottest sports NFT art project of the year. Unlike other NFT drops, this one  promises to benefit charity, not the development team. All proceeds from this exclusive drop go directly  towards the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation.

Kobe lives on not only in the highlight reels we watch but in the work his foundations and charities do to  support underprivileged athletes. The KB24 NFT Collection offers the foundation the perfect fundraising  vehicle, bringing more credibility to this series of NFTs than any other featuring the athlete.

Black Mamba fans from around the globe get to own an authentic Kobe Bryant NFT, backed by the  appreciation of Kobe's charities. With every NFT sold, the buyer knows that they are supporting the  extension of the Bryant legacy, giving back to the star for the hours of entertainment and inspiration he  provided during his lifetime.

The Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation and the Bryant Legacy

The KB24 Collection plans to donate all proceeds for the sale of its NFTs to the Mamba & Mambacita  Sports Foundation. The Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation is not the same organization as the  Bryant Foundation, but it was a venture close to the heart of Bryant.

The organization continues its work in the wake of his death, helping to push his philanthropy across the  country, even from the afterlife. The Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation had the original name of  the Mamba Sports Foundation.

However, the nonprofit decided to change the name to the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation  after the 2020 accident claiming the lives of Kobe and his daughter. Kobe would affectionally call his  daughter "Mambacita," a spinoff of his nickname, "The Black Mamba."

As a sign of respect and homage to the Bryant Family, the foundation made the name change. The  change also allowed the organization to include supporting the fight for equality of women's sports in  America, adding a new dimension to the company's goals and strategy.

We're sure Kobe would be proud of the foundation's continued work on his vision. The KB24 NFT team  aims to continue to provide the foundation with any funding assistance it can with the launch of the NFT  project.

So, with the launch of the KB24 NFT Collection, the team gets to achieve two objectives of providing  funding to Kobe's foundations while immortalizing his playing career in digital art that will last in  cyberspace forever.

One of the more interesting concepts of using the NFT tech for this fundraising opportunity is its ties to  the blockchain. As mentioned, the ETH blockchain supports the backbone for NFT tech. Utilizing the  blockchain for registering each NFT allows the full tracking of all the transactions around the digital art  piece.

As a result, the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation receives an additional royalty donation every  time the NFT changes hands. This instruction comes embedded in the "smart contract" functionality of  the ETH network, allowing for the elimination of third parties in the transaction.

So, the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation has a fundraising model providing perpetual cash flow  into their business for eternity. There are no traditional models that can promise such an effective  ongoing donations model as that offered by the KB24 team.

Kobe Bryant - Immortalized Through Digital NFT Art

Anyone familiar with Kobe Bryant's style of play could see that it was his destiny to be an NBA All-Star  talent. When he stepped on the court as a rookie in 1996, he never stopped progressing with his game.  He was amazing from the start, but after finding his independent stride in the team, he became one of  the game's greats.

What's more unusual is that Bryant spent his entire career at the Lakers. Not only was he dedicated to  the team, but he was a socialite in the LA A-List lifestyle, attending functions with his wife Vanessa while  still maintaining his role as a loving father.

The KB24 NFT Collection pays homage to every aspect of Kobe's legacy, bringing a selection of NFTs that  signify the inspiration he gave to millions of Lakers fans around the world.

The collection comes from the athlete's initials and the numbers he wore during his career with the  Lakers. Kobe's No. 24 jersey hangs from the rafters of the Staples Center as a tribute to Kobe of the finest  talents ever to grace the facility.

With the KB24 NFT Collection, fans get the opportunity to invest in Kobe's legacy. Each NFT comes with a  unique theme, featuring the most defining moments of the athlete's career. We get glimpses into Kobe's  personality, intensity on the court, and the development of his skillset over the years.

The KB24 Collection - Fans Honor Kobe Bryant with Digital NFTs

The NFT space took off for the moon in 2021. Everyone is talking about the impact of this innovative  technology right now like it's the biggest revolution in the digital space. August 2021, the date for Kobe  Bryant day, saw the biggest volume in NFT sales ever, with more than $1-billion in digital assets traded.

The KB24 team chimed in on the recent acceleration in the adoption of NFT collectibles. "The NFT digital  art market has exploded in the last year as crypto investors look to enter the space." "The possibilities  are endless, and we want to utilize that momentum to help fund nonprofit organizations working with  communities to foster their love for basketball and sports in general."

The continuing mass adoption of crypto as a whole and the NFT tech driving this new craze is what's  sending the entire market to new highs. The KB24 Collection is the forerunner in the NFT sports  collectible market right now, paving the way for the hottest drop of the year in the sports and basketball  genre.

The KB24 NFT collection will go live for sale on the Opensea platform. This online marketplace connects  buyers and sellers, allowing them to make friction-free trades without the need for a third party.

Since all trades come written into the smart contract functionality of the NFT, there's no need for any  middleman standing in the way of the transaction.

Every NFT on the blockchain is easy to trace for authenticity. Therefore, there's no chance of you ever  getting a fake KB24 NFT. NFTs provide a new era in secure transactions and authentication for digital art  dealers and enthusiasts.

The KB24 NFT Collection is already available for presale registration through the team's official website, When the official sale goes live, all presale users will get a notification, as will anyone using  the Discord chat.

Users will have the chance to bid on the KB24 Collection using cryptocurrency, likely Ethereum, to  finance the transaction. By completing the sale of the KB24 Collection, the team achieves both its goals  of promoting Kobe's legacy and funding his foundations for the work they do in his name.

The KB24 NFT Project - Brace Yourself for Launch

With the launch of the KB24 NFT Collection eminent, it's all the hype around the internet at the  moment. Bidders get the chance to own a slice of the Bryant legacy. As one of the Laker's most  influential players in history, Kobe Bryant makes the perfect subject for an NFT collection.

The team behind the KB24 NFT Collection promises that there will be no further re-issues or minting of  the NFTs in the collection. These one-offs will remain as independent, authentic, original artworks that  last a lifetime in cyberspace.

Every NFT in the series will feature unique themes, giving fans a chance at owning that piece of the  Bryant legacy. From his presence on the court to the development and showcasing of his skill set, and his  amazing personality, the KB24 Collection aims to bring fans a new sports memorabilia experience like no  other.

Lakers superfans need to head over to the official website right now and register for the  presale. The KB24 NFT Collection promises to offer you the most exclusive sports memorabilia NFT drop  of 2021. Don't forget to sign up for the Discord chat to stay in the loop of any developing events  regarding the KB24 NFT Collection launch dates.