There are times when you need to transfer files between two devices. Be it between two computers or a computer and a smartphone knowing the ideal method for file transfer is always ideal and time-saving.

This will allow you to save time and ensure minimum hassle in transferring large files or files of different formats.

Now, in this article, we will specify you with different methods but there are many ways. Initially, we will give you an idea of how you can transfer files. To transfer files you can use Office 365 migration for transferring any PDF, excel, word, image, and other files. Or else you can use a LAN connection, an external storage device, make use of cloud software such as Google Drive, using a data cable, using Bluetooth, file-sharing software such as Xender, or choose to connect the hard disk manually.

We will describe to you all the methods below and then also give you an idea of which can be the best file or data transferring method for you based on the devices you want to share.

Let's begin...

Using LAN connection or Wifi

This is also a common method for transferring data between two devices apart from the Office 365 migration. The advantage of using this method is that it works equally well for both PCs and mobiles.

Both the devices need to be within the range of the Wifi and this gives you access to send data or files over the network or remotely gain access to the other device's drive. 

Using an external storage device

Of course, you must have used pen drives for sharing data between two computers or laptops right? This just tells you how simple and extensively this process is used.

Just plug in the Pen drive or an external storage device into the sender computer and copy the files to the external storage device, unplug it and then plug it back into the receiver computer and simply paste the files in a location you want.

Using data cable

Using a data cable for transferring files is by far the easiest way of sharing data between two computers. Whether it is a PC or a laptop it does not matter. All you have to do is connect the two computers or laptops then simply send the files.

On the sender PC when you right-click on the file to send you will get the send to option where you just have to select the PC or the drive of the receiver computer and that it. The only limitation again is the two PCs or laptops need to be in close range and that is limited by the length of your data cable which is usually not more than a few feet.

Using Bluetooth

Apart from using Office 365 Migration which is a common file transfer method between two computers when it comes to sharing files between smartphones, using Bluetooth on your phone is by far the easiest way.

All you have to do is ensure that the Bluetooth on both devices is on. And then as soon as the sender sends the files you will find a prompt asking you for a confirmation to receive.

Remember that this method works only for smaller files and has a close range of working ranging from few feet to a few meters only.  If you just have one or two image files or a PDE file then this works the best for mobiles.

File sharing software such as Xender

This is a common sharing file or data sharing method between two mobiles. You may also use this process between two PCs or laptops but this is done a bit rarely.

You can find different file-sharing software such as Xender or Share It then this method is apt for sending even large files. Generally, the two mobiles or computers need to be connected via a hotspot or the other method is to scan a QR code. Thereafter you just have to follow basic prompts and then accept to receive files from a recipient and that's it.. you are good to go.  

Using cloud software such as Google drive

Using cloud software you can share files remotely even if the two users are separated geographically. You are using the internet and any cloud storage system like Google Drive, Dropbox, or One Drive.

All you have to do is upload the file files on a drive that other users can access as well.