There's no place like home, but sometimes you just need a change of scenery. You'd be hard-pressed to find scenery more gorgeous and refreshing than that of Central America.

With their immaculate coasts, dense jungles, and evergreen summer weather, the countries of Central America have become prime destinations for international transplants eager for a fresh start.

Preparing for your overseas move

There's no shortage of reasons why you might want to relocate to Central America, from the low cost of living to the ready availability of quality healthcare to the vibrant beauty of Latin American culture.

Regardless of what's spurring you to uproot, it's wise to spend some time researching your new potential stomping grounds. You'll want to have a general understanding of:

●       The areas friendliest to expats

●       The climate and day-to-day weather

●       What languages are spoken there

●       The cost of living and currency conversion rate

●       The overall social and political atmosphere

Once you get the wheres, whens, whats, and hows sorted out, you can begin making the necessary arrangements and tending to practical considerations like packing, job hunting, and arranging a car shipping service. With an auto transport provider lending a hand, your vehicle will embark on an overseas journey and arrive at your new home country scuff-free.

Snapshot: Central America

If you've got your sojourning sights set on Central America, you'll be pleased to know that any of the region's seven expat-friendly countries would be a great place to hang your proverbial hat.


Belize is a moth light for expats of all extractions, primarily due to English being its official language. Twin tropical paradises Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker are especially popular with pilgrims looking to slow down and soak in the sweet life.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has long been hailed as one of the world's must-see destinations. The laid-back beaches and progressive values of areas like Heredia and Tamarindo draw millions of excited travelers every year, many of whom decide to stay for months or even years.

El Salvador

Despite El Salvador's somewhat dubious reputation, hidden gems along the country's Pacific coast offer adventurous expats everything they could ask for: cheap food and lodging, radical surf breaks, breathtaking mountain views, and tons of regional character.


Mexico's soulful southern neighbor Guatemala epitomizes good vibes, with friendly locals, low crime rates, and world-class coffee and seafood. Standout locales like Antigua, Ciudad Vieja, and Lake Atitlan, in particular, combine colorful old-world charm with contemporary sensibilities and convenience.


Parts of Honduras are rough for natives and newcomers alike, but not Bay Islands Roatan and Utila. There are enough bars, restaurants, and shops to keep even the most jaded expats entertained, and if you're into aquatic pursuits like scuba diving, you'll be in heaven.


Nicaraguan cities Granada and Matagalpa are bustling with activity, yet only a stone's throw from sublime river runs and mystery-shrouded mountains. Meanwhile, San Juan del Sur is a different sort of oasis for retirees, who stand to benefit from incentives like generous property rights and hefty tax exemptions.


Last but certainly not least, Panama is home to not one or two but half a dozen homesteading highlights, including major metropolitan mecca Panama City, rural refuge Boquete, and coastal hotspots Isla Colón, Bocas del Toro, Taboga Island, and Los Santos. What more could a wanderer want?

Where will you go?

Moving is always complicated, and moving to a different country is another matter altogether. But with a clear sense of direction and a little preparation, you can start the next chapter of your life in Central America with fun in the sun.