Credit score is a three number digit that defines your financial state. Also, helps the lender to know what's your spending style? and how reliable you are in terms of paying debts and monthly bills. A good credit score is usually higher than 700 and it is only achievable by having good credit cards, paying bills on time, trying to get a high credit limit or checking your credit reports for errors. But it is nearly impossible if you are building your credit limit from scratch and don't have any idea about the financial roadblocks.

Here are some simple don'ts that help you to build a positive credit history rapidly.

Don'ts to mend your low credit score:


●       Don't make late payments as it hurts your credit score.

●       Don't have multiple credit accounts in a short time period.

●       Don't apply for a new credit card if your credit is in rebuilding mode.

●       Don't close your old credit card account as it can lower your credit score.

●       Don't reach out your credit card limit, always spend wisely.

You can also choose good credit builder cards that help you to foster your credit limit within a short time period. Also, these cards guide you throughout your financial journey from taking loans from lenders to paying off all your debts at lower interest rates.

Indigo Credit Cards

Indigo credit cards are the sole solution for the people who have bad credit history as you can get yourself approved even after bankruptcy. There is no criteria to follow for the prequalification and you can easily qualify without hurting your credit score. Moreover, you don't need to submit any security deposit and can successfully enjoy all the services of Indigo credit cards.

Indigo Platinum  Mastercard

With an imperfect credit history it's really hard to get a credit card without submitting any security deposit. But Indigo Platinum Mastercard proves to be a savior and helps you to get out from the worst financial situation. It comes up with a reasonable fee structure and leads you to the road of building a positive credit limit.

Notable Features:


●       It offers a $0 annual fee for those who qualify.

●       No security deposit required.

●       You can pre-qualify without hurting your credit score.

●       Reports all the three financial institutions.

●       Low transaction fee as compared to other cards of this category.

Other Benefits:


Pre-Qualified Instantly:


If you have bad credit history or previous bankruptcy you are not liable to qualify for any good credit card. And you may also be subject for credit check but Indigo Platinum Credit Card offers you to qualify for a building credit card within minutes. Regardless, how bad your credit history is, you can easily pre-qualified at without hurting your credit score.

Fraud Coverage And Extended Warranties:

Indigo credit cards are hi-tech cards with secure chips and you can also enjoy $0 liability in case of unauthorized charge. It also provides rental car insurance in case of accident or damage. It also assists you while travelling through medical and legal referrals.

Indigo Platinum Credit Card provides you a trouble-free pathway to rebuild your bad or poor credit limit. Also, you can easily qualify by following simple criteria  and get a positive credit limit while enjoying its perks and benefits.

Capital One Credit Cards

 Capital One Credit Cards are everyone's choice whether you are a businessman, a student, love to travel the world, a foodie or have an average credit history, cover all the bases. Moreover, these are pocket-friendly credit cards. You don't need to pay a high annual or  transaction fee as compared to other cards in the market.

Capital One Platinum Credit Card


Capital One Platinum Credit Card is a well-known excellent product for the people who have an average credit score ranging between 580-669. It is a great card to start with as there is no annual fee and no foreign transaction fee. Also, it rewards you for showing good behaviour if you pay your monthly payments on time for the first five months you will automatically be considered for a high credit line.

Notable Features:


●       $0 annual fee

●       It reports all the three major financial institutes.

●       No penalty for late payments

●       You can pick monthly due date and payment method

●       Get unlimited access to Creditwise that monitors your credit profile

Other Benefits:


Get Pre-Approved With An Average Credit history:


Capital one Platinum Credit Card allows you to give a positive raise to your credit limit while having a fair credit history. You can easily qualify at and enjoy  a high credit line review in as little as six months.

Fraud Coverage And Emergency Card Services:


If your card is stolen or lost somewhere Capital One Platinum Credit Card offers $0 fraud liability and you are not answerable for any unauthorized transaction. ID theft protection is available if you become the victim of identity theft. Also, you can get an emergency card replacement if you lose it.

Unquestionably, Capital One Platinum Credit Card is an ideal card to have a positive credit or prove your creditworthiness. You can easily qualify with an average credit history and enjoy the mastercard platinum services with no annual fee or foreign transaction fees.

Final Words


A low credit score always extends your financial hardships. You can't find yourself in peace unless you get the best credit builder cards that help you to give a positive raise to your credit limit. You must do a complete research, ask the right questions, measure your right needs and go for a right credit card. Also, if you are looking for an expert financial opinion in terms of credit cards do check out