A residential neighborhood had seen a plane crash on Monday afternoon in San Diego County, California.

The plane crash damaged some homes, with a Santee fire official confirming that at least two people had died in the crash, according to a Fox News reportThe official also noted that two more had been taken to the hospital for burn injuries. Some of the injuries of the people on the plane were noted as likely "non-survivable," according to the department.

The United Parcel Service confirmed that one of its drivers died in the crash, counting for one of the fatalities.

UPS spokesman, Steve Nagata, said in a statement that they are extending their condolences to the employees' family and friends, as well as to individuals involved in the incident.

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Plane Crash in a Small Neighborhood in California

The Federal Aviation Administration said that the twin-engine Cessna C340 plummeted at 12:14 p.m. local time.

It is not yet clear how many passengers were on board at the time, according to an ABC News Go report. However, it was noted that that the Cessna C340 is a six-seater plane, according to multiple sources.

Santee Fire Chief John Garlow said that there were at least two burn victims who were believed to be from a home. Garlow noted that three homes had "major damage," and two were completely burned, according to a USA Today report.

The fire chief also said that it was also unclear whether anyone was inside the damaged homes, and they are continually checking the premises of nearby homes.

One resident said she was sitting at home watching a movie when she felt her house shake. 

Jennifer Ward said that she thought a tree had fallen on her house. She ran outside when she saw all the black smoke. The plane had crashed one street over from her. She said that she drives down that road multiple times a day.

The plane crash happened between Ward's house and Santana High School, where students temporarily went into secure locations and were later released. The high school is just north of the airport at Gillespie Field.

Fire Battalion Chief Justin Matsushita said that it is a pretty brutal scene for their guys. He added that he was unsure if there were additional fatalities.

Matsushita noted that the debris field from the crash had extended nearly a block to the southeast, according to an NBC San Diego News report.

Donnell Evans, an FAA spokesman, said that the National Transportation Safety Board will be conducting a probe and will provide updates.

Another witness to the scene said that neighbors pulled his mother out of a window of her burning home.

Jim Slaff said that they had also rescued his stepfather from the backyard. However, their dog had died from the incident.

NBC reported that it was not the first plane crash near Gillespie. Three years ago, two people and a dog were killed in an aircraft down in Santee in February.

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