Diabetics face two separate problems when it comes to shoes. High blood sugar levels can cause severe damage to the diabetic's nervous system, a condition known as peripheral neuropathy. This means that the diabetic may not be able to feel a thorn puncture in the leg or notice the development of foot ulcers or other painful conditions. Diabetes can also cause circulatory problems, especially in the arms and legs. To cope with these two diabetes-related complications, many patients are advised to wear special diabetic socks.

The diabetic apparel market is underserved, making it hard to choose the perfect option. Doctors advise seamless bamboo socks coated with a chemical antifungal agent. Competent brands like Viasox not only offer the finest quality product catalog on the market but also include colorful, stylish alternatives to meet your urge for self-expression.

What makes Visox diabetic socks so special? Why opt for diabetic socks in the first place? In this article, we delve deep into these issues.

Ordinary Socks VS Diabetic Socks

Because traditional socks frequently have stitches that can hurt feet, diabetic socks are either fully seamless or have few seams. Many diabetic socks include non-binding and non-restrictive tops to prevent slippage. This allows for improved circulation in the legs.

A compression sock is one type of diabetic sock that helps increase blood circulation in the lower leg and prevents blood from accumulating. However, not every diabetic requires compression socks; patients should consult with their doctor to choose the best type of socks for their specific needs.

Choose The Right Material

Diabetic socks are available in a variety of forms. As the diabetic's skin is prone to cracking and damage, one should opt for socks made from natural and soft materials.

Viasox products are made from bamboo, a fabric that is soft, smooth, and comfortable. While some loose socks can fall off during use, Viasox diabetic socks promise to stay in place. Their non-binding upper provides a comfortable, secure fit that doesn't restrict circulation.

Viasox: A Company That Cares

Charitable work makes the voice of reason and mercy sound louder in times of crisis. Viasox's founders believe that charity brings people together and contributes to the creation of an inclusive and sustainable society.

Viasox donates $1 from every order split between the Joslin Diabetes Center for Diabetes Research and the Barton Center for Diabetes to assist children in attending diabetic camps and learn how to live with the illness. Popular Beings has called Viasox a revolutionary company for Diabetics.

Summing Up

Diabetes patients must pay special attention to their feet. According to recent scientific studies, leg lesions are seen in 30-80 percent of diabetics, and lower extremity amputations are 15 times more likely in this group of patients than in the general population. Doesn't that sound menacing? Yet these issues can be avoided by adhering to a set of simple yet necessary foot care rules. Wearing diabetic socks is among the most important.

Whether you're looking for diabetic socks, compression socks, pain relief creams, or orthopedic shoes, Viasox has you fully covered. Browse their selection of stylish socks, pick the correct size, and leave the rest to them!