The process of finding and hiring new employees can be a lot of problems. It often happens that hiring a good employee is a long and difficult journey. If you are looking for a web developer, the process is greatly complicated by the technical side of the profession. In this article, you will learn how to hire a dedicated Magento developer.

Decide what the requirements should be

A specialist with extensive experience is in great demand. First, decide what are the expectations of the future employee and what he should do. Clearly articulate job responsibilities, specifics of work in the company. The applicant must correctly understand what is required of him, as well as in what conditions he will have to work.

Set deadlines must be real

The developer may need time before he starts working for the company. This is important to take into account in the selection process, especially if the employer also needs a certain period to find a suitable employee.

If the project is urgent, a freelancer may well be the way to go. He will be able to start work, and at this time he will be able to find an employee for permanent work in the state. It is important to make sure that the freelancer or contractor has enough time to complete the project.

1. Provide information about the project you are proud of. What contribution did you make to successfully implement it?

The interview should be started carefully, so that the candidate is less worried. The answer to this question will allow you to get an idea of ​​what his ambitions are, learn about his views on success and the process of work. Pay attention to whether the developer was talking about other members or solely about his work.

2. Ask to talk about the project you are disappointed with. What would you change now if such an opportunity arose?

The candidate must constantly analyze his activities. Surely a person who does not correct mistakes will not be suitable.

3. What makes programming difficult?

This way you can learn about the applicant's weaknesses in their technical skills.

4. How is testing done? What is the opinion of him?

The minimum of bugs in the application and the minimum number of errors is good code. The specialist should devote enough time to quality testing, in this way, the amount of time to search for errors at an early stage of project development can be reduced.

5. How do you keep track of current trends in web development?

In other words, to what extent the candidate is engaged in self-education in order to remain in demand. Ask what technical assignments he is studying, what authors and personalities in the IT field are interested in, and why.

6. What development environment is the most interesting?

The candidate's place of work is not of great importance, it is required to select a person who is ready to adapt to different technologies and share his opinion. The answer to the question will tell the potential employer his experience, with frameworks, version control systems and others.

7. Ask to talk about his qualities that help in work

Maybe you are looking for a specialist who can quickly solve a problem, who can negotiate or who is easy to learn. Ask for some examples of these skills. Depending on the vacancy, some skills will be more important than others. For time management, communication skills will be more important for remote workers than for full-time employees.

8. Take an interest in the problem that you could solve outside of programming

It can be anything, for example, fixing household appliances, helping a colleague in repairing vehicles. It doesn't matter what he could do, the main thing in the question is to find out his ability to solve the problem and interact with others.

9. How would other professionals you have worked with in the past describe you?

Such a question will allow you to understand how the candidate assesses his abilities, his role in the team, the ability to prove himself in previously held positions.

10. Let's pretend that you cannot solve a programming problem. How will you get out of the situation?

Will he ask for help from colleagues, will he use electronic resources? There is no right answer, like no wrong one. You need to understand how he handles difficult situations.

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