Elyani Diaz is a successful stock and options trader based out of the United States. She is a first-generation entrepreneur and faced a lot of difficulties before establishing her credentials as a wonder woman in the field of options trading.

Elyani Diaz was born in Cuba with a humble family background. She didn't get much opportunity to study and continue her education. When Elyani was a high school student, she shifted to the US with her parents.

She knew how her dad struggled day and night to look after his family. And it inspired Elyani to also do something for her family with whatever educational qualification and skills she had at that moment.

"I was terribly upset because we were facing a lot of monetary problems. Though my parents tried their best they could, things were quite difficult. I was desperate to start earning. I spent a lot of time reading several self-help books to inspire myself. I wanted to know how they accomplished success after facing so many troubles in their lives. It played a key role in sharpening my vision while honing my business acumen," Elyani Diaz explained.

She attended an event with lots of successful entrepreneurs all around. The theme of the event was how a person can multiply $5 to $100 within a certain period. Elyani Diaz realised that the only way to multiply one's income is by keeping their money invested in stocks and options trading.

Elyani got intrigued as to how to buy options and start earning money. She not only became serious about her personal finance but also realised the true essence of the phrase, "money begets money."

Elyani Diaz, 25, is now mentoring and guiding people on various issues relating to personal finance, smart investment, and options trading.

"Stock market can be the most hassle-free source of passive income for smart investors. At the same time, one shouldn't forget the market risks associated with it. If you take the right step at the right moment, the sky's the limit for you," Elyani opined.

Three years back, Elyani had no idea what to do and what type of business to start with just $800 in hand. In a big country like the US, starting any business costs a lot of money. But Elyani was determined to do something on her own. With this thought in mind, she invested her funds into options trading and it came up with a whopping ROI. Elyani's $800 soon became $3800 and it also gave a massive boost to her entrepreneurial career.

She gradually mastered the art of investment by choosing the right portfolio to invest in at the right time.

Apart from investing in stock trading, she also started mentoring others while removing their doubts and queries relating to the future and options. Elyani Diaz is currently specialising in stocks and options segment. She believes it holds the key to one's fortune.

Elyani also lost a lot of earning opportunities when she couldn't take the right call, but after trial and error, she's now become an experienced trader in this field with experience of over five years.


When Elyani Diyaz opened her Instagram account, she became more conscious. Now the entire world was looking at her to learn something new and innovative stock trading tips from her.

She didn't disappoint her followers. She became more disciplined and focused. Using the right strategy, Elyani Diaz successfully grew her $20k to $1.5-million by trading options within a couple of years. Today, she is a role model for the youth who also want to become like her.

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