Statistics show that 88% of people have a morning routine. Having a routine in the morning and one that gets you out the door in time for work can be two different things. How long does it take you to prepare for work in the morning? Are you able to leave on time each day? Where are some areas that you could improve? Keep reading to learn more about how to make your morning routine more efficient.

Style Quickly

Are you sick of spending 30 or more minutes on your hair alone in the morning? Does everyone in your family shower in the morning and use up the hot water? Where can you find a space to get ready? Styling is important before leaving the house and speeding up the process can help you stay out of the bathroom and get out the door faster. One solution is to invest in a hair styling cream that will keep your hair the way you want it all day long. You don't have to take the time to add 17 different products in, but rather add one, style, and go.

Stay Organized

Preparing the night before is a big way that you can get ahead and stay organized with your morning routine. Setting out what you will be wearing to work, packing your lunch, prepping your breakfast, and setting your alarm clock are all ways that you can save time the next day. In your groggy waking state, you won't have to think but rather just act by starting the coffee that you have already prepared and putting on the clothes that you have already laid out. Organization as a part of your routine can be beneficial for everything from you getting ready, your commute, and even preparing your taxes. Being unorganized is what can bring on stress and chaos under tight deadlines in the morning.

Don't Look At Your Phone

Ok, maybe your phone is your alarm clock and it also may serve as your source of weather news for your commute. The concept of not looking at your phone is not spending time on it doing unnecessary scrolling. You can check the weather and check the traffic in less than 5 minutes. Not spending time on social media the first thing in the morning can help you actively be doing other things. If you currently spend a lot of time on your phone in the morning, you will be surprised at how efficiently you are able to get ready when you don't have it on you.

Exercise First

Nothing gets your heart pumping like a morning run or walk. Getting out first thing to get a sweat in can lead to increased productivity in the morning. You will be fully awake by the time that you get back home and ready to attack what is next. Not being in a tired, groggy state will help you be able to breeze through your morning routine with ease. Exercising from home can help save you time as well. Not driving to the gym and back means more time for weights or even a few extra minutes of sleep. This also prevents you from having any traffic issues before your work commute has even started.

Make A List

Old habits take time to break and new habits take time to form. Giving yourself some guidance with a list of what you need to do each morning can help with your ability to get everything done on time. After a few days or weeks, you won't need the list any longer. You will be able to complete the routine and not worry you forgot anything. The list is merely a guide to keep you in the right direction before you have consumed your morning coffee.

Now that you have read more about the ways to make your morning routine more efficient, you can get started now. Simple changes can go a long way and never underestimate your ability to be a morning person under the right conditions. You may find that you have a great routine but just need to wake up 10-15 minutes earlier to get it done.