The law enforcement said one of the largest illegal drug operations in Broward County, Florida was allegedly run by members of one family, a federal court document revealed.

According to NBC Miami, the Chi-Town Italian Beef and Chicago Hot Dogs Restaurant was allegedly a family business.

Hot Dog Shop Owner's Sons Arrested After Cocaine, Cash Found in Their Business

Months after the owner was busted for allegedly running a major drug-dealing operation out of his hot dog business, the restaurant business was once again raided by authorities recently. It resulted in the arrest of his three sons on similar charges.

Heavily armed Special Response Team members swarmed when federal agents and Broward County Sheriff's Office (BSO) detectives moved last week to shut down the alleged drug business happening inside the Chi-Town Italian Beef and Chicago Hot Dogs Restaurant.

Based on the criminal complaint filed by an agent with the Department Of Homeland Security Investigations Division obtained by NBC 6, cocaine, large amounts of money, and other narcotics, including 90,000 Xanax pills, were seized from the restaurant, and two other adjacent businesses.

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Florida Family Business Hides Cocaine, Other Drugs

The owner of the restaurant, identified as 52-year-old Louis Younglove, was already behind bars, and his three sons Alan, Adam, and Anthony were also arrested in the recent raid. Sources called the family business one of the largest drug operations in Broward.

Remy Culon, who was working in the same plaza, said he found what looked like bags of cocaine to him during his morning routine.

"Once we had a lot of it and the sheriff's department came around, we gave them the bag of cocaine... The parking lot every morning when we came to work, we usually made an inspection to see what was on the ground. So, we started finding a little bag," he noted.

He said the bag was mostly empty but sometimes full of cocaine.

When the Chi-Town Italian Beef and Chicago Hot Dogs Restaurant owner was arrested earlier this year, authorities discovered cash in his bedroom. The amount even reached almost half a million dollars.

In his son's case, Anthony, Homeland Security told the court that they arrested him while he was in the parking lot of a CVS on Federal Highway in Pompano Beach. 

The agent on the case wrote that Anthony had just sold 170 grams of suspected heroin, and when his car was searched, agents found a huge amount of cash amounting to $237,000.

Meanwhile, residents living near the restaurant reportedly said they hoped that the arrest would finally clean up the area.

Louis Younglove has entered a not guilty plea to the charge against him, while the others arrested were presumed innocent of any charges and would be in court in the coming weeks.

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