Technology has changed a lot of things. Sports are certainly not an exception. From the way players train to the way the sports are broadcast, modern technology has left its mark on everything. Let's talk about the impact it has had on horse racing.

Handicapping Software: What It Means for the Wagering Process

This is one of the most-watched sports in the world. Naturally, technology has had a role to play when it comes to keeping the horses safe and healthy. But it has also made a huge difference to those who like to bet on horse racing.

If you have watched the movie Moneyball, and even if not, you know that statistics are very important when it comes to predicting wins and losses. Today, handicapping software are used to predict the results of entire races.

In the US, thoroughbred handicapping is the process of figuring out which horse has the best chance of winning a race. This helps individuals place bets and make a killing at the track.

If you like to bet on the ponies, you might want to pay closer attention to this. It also helps the jockeys figure out what their next move should be. Some of this also uses virtual reality.

Now, a lot of people think VR is meant only for gaming but it is actually used by sports persons too. But in reality (not virtual) it can be used to figure out tactics during the race like how to jump fences in the best possible way. It helps even novices score big wins.

A Little about the Legality of It All

Technology has also forced lawmakers to take a closer look at the game and the betting on it. And in 2000, a legislation was passed to allow wagering on these races online.

Although interstate betting on horse races is not allowed in all states, it is legal in some. These rules are also changing constantly to keep up with the changes in technology. Sometimes, the betting is limited to certain websites and tracks. But it is legal nevertheless.

Wagering on the Internet or the Phone

Betting on horses is a big part of going to the track. This has been happening through bookmakers advertising the odds for a long long time. The transactions were done in cash and those who placed bets had to be physically present, for the most part.

But with advances in these software, that is no longer the case. Mobile betting, when it is legal and meets the conditions, can be done from anywhere. The payments happen through credit or debit cards and the betting slips are digital.

The websites or services you choose sometimes also offer other services like playing in their online casino or buying lottery tickets. So, technology has made its mark pretty much in all aspects of the game.

Parting Thoughts

If you didn't know it already, sometimes technology is also used to keep the horses safe. This includes finding ways of making sure the horses are okay after a race through surveillance. And that's just the beginning.