NFL star Antonio Brown has a lot to say about his friendship with Tom Brady days after his release from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brown eased off his frustrations on his experiences this week in the field with his ankle injury, to the friendship he has with Brady, on "Full Send Podcast" on Friday, ESPN reported.

"To me, a friend is someone who's got your back... Not everybody in sport is going to be your friend. Tom Brady's my friend, why? Because I'm a good football player. He needs me to play football," said Brown, adding that people have a different meaning of what friendship means.

Brown went on to say that Brady and him both like winning and "to be the best." The NFL star noted that it was the reason why he wanted to be around Brady, and that's what makes them "jell" and "bring out greatness."

On multiple occasions, Brady has vouched for Brown amid criticism of the NFL star, who was suspended over the past two seasons. 

On Sunday, Brady expressed how their team loves Brown and how they want "to see him at his best." But Brown hinted that Brady might have been responsible for him not getting the contract he believed he deserved.

"If Tom Brady's my boy, why am I playing for an earnest salary," Brown noted.

It can be recalled that Brown signed a one-year deal this offseason amounting up to $6.25 million. The incentive-laden deal carried a guaranteed $3.1 million with a $2 million sign-in bonus.

Jason Licht, the general manager of Tampa Bay Buccaneers, said that Brown and his agent attempted to get the remaining $2 million incentives. However, their request was denied.

"I think people like to be around me and spend time with me but they're not even seeing my value in that regards," Brown noted.

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Antonio Brown Opens Up About His Side on Leaving Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Antonio Brown's comments about his friendship with Tom Brady came a day after he told his side of the story regarding his exit from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in an Instagram post, CBS Sports reported.

In a since-deleted IG post, Brown said that he went to the stadium to play with his injured ankles. He also claimed a staff injected him with a "dangerous painkiller," which, according to him, the NFLPA has warned against using.  

"I played until I could not use my ankle to safely perform my playing responsibilities. On top of that, the pain was extreme." He then noted that coach Bruce Arians went to him, shouted at him for sitting at the sidelines, and asked him to get back on the field, but he refused.

He then revealed that the coach told him he was "DONE."

"I didn't quit. I was cut. I didn't walk away from my brothers. I was thrown out. Being fired on the sideline for having a painful injury was bad enough," Brown said.

Antonio Brown Wants to Continue NFL Career

Despite his drama with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Antonio Brown said he still wants to continue his career in the NFL after he undergoes ankle surgery.

"I'm planning on playing football next season... But I'm looking forward to getting my ankle cleaned up, I'm looking forward to reigniting my career," he said.

He added that he's excited "about a restart of next year," and looks forward to the opportunities that the NFL had for him, "if that's a possibility."

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