Companies are turning to responsive web design to deliver engaging experiences across devices. With coding off the table, it's even easier. And, users can now concentrate more on their business, creating solutions. 

No Coding Required

Today, the responsibility for creating strong customer engagement lies with marketers who build products through traditional software-development methods. Often, however, the tools needed to do this are complex. Marketers must learn how to code, or they have to hire engineers to build applications.

The need for faster time-to-market, strong customer experiences across platforms, and overall responsiveness is causing marketers to reconsider what it means to build software. Not only are companies turning "no-code" to meet these business and consumer needs, but the advent of APIs and "no-code" platforms have opened up new opportunities for marketers.

Introducing Storycards 

Storycards offers an innovative new way to engage with users in a unique and interactive format.

Storycards is a game-changing innovation for eCommerce retailers and for digital agencies. They provide the opportunity to create products without the need for any costly development, and because it has artificial intelligence built-in, you don't have to do anything but watch in awe as your feedback and engagement levels increase exponentially.

Platforms like WIX and Webflow allow users who are not technology savvy or developers themselves, yet still want an online presence with ease; Storycard embodies this same idea by focusing solely on engaging its customers through interactive content.

The reason Gil Rabbi created Storycards was that he felt there wasn't enough focus when designing other types of websites- such as social media sites where you only see things blowing up but don't get any feedback from your audience besides likes/dislikes regarding what they post. 

Rabbi observes,  "As the largest brands compete for user attention, the most valuable currency is eyeballs, not real estate, and so the ultimate differentiator is how well a website engages its users. With Storycards the brands can create a custom engagement product with freedom design."

Is there More?

A big resounding Yes - you can do a couple of things with Storycards.

The possibilities are endless with Storycards! You can start from scratch and build your custom design. There's no limit to what you could create, so go ahead-dream up a world for yourself today.

Cutting-edge responsive design means you can enjoy a seamless experience without any lags or glitches. Plus, with drag-and-drop functionality, it's easy to make quick edits in no time at all!

Storycards will make your website or mobile app more immersive with interactive activities that keep customers engaged. If you want the full experience, go for window mode!

Armed with the real-time user data, you'll have a more intimate understanding of who your audience is, and what their preferences are. 

When it comes to reaching your audience, there is no one-size-fits-all. Take advantage of personalized advertising and target only the people who will be interested in what you have to say by creating segments based on their choice of reading material, watching shows, or listening to songs!

Storycards is a game-changing program that will change the way you approach content creation. With its easy-to-use interface, multiple flow features, and the ability for your team experimentation; this tool gives editors all they need in one place!

Gil Rabbi - The Founder of Storycards

Storycards was founded by an Israeli expert in digital products, Gil Rabbi. For the previous ten years, he's been providing customers a better connection with his technology. He focuses on maintaining users on their sites or apps for longer. And there's only one way to do it: give them what they want while also informing website owners about their audience, thanks to the Storycards' tracking platform.

Rabbi is a Tel Aviv-based entrepreneur with a long history in the military, and he applies his talents to develop cutting-edge technologies. His most famous project was the creation of an army system that engaged and improved the rate at which new recruits joined Israel's army (and is now used across all branches). He would then proceed to start the "Rabbi Interactive Technology Agency".

Over 5 million people every month have interacted with Rabbi's computer software in the last decade. His projects include popular TV shows like Eurovision and Rising Star, where millions of viewers participate in real-time!

Apart from his great achievements, Rabbi is still far from the finish line. He says, "Our vision is to enable anyone to use our knowledge automatically through the platform we have created without having to use the services we have provided to our customers around the world over the past decade."

Wrapping it Up

Storycards is definitely a game-changer for businesses trying to boost engagement. With its AI-powered analytics, users are able to know exactly who visits their site, what their preferences are hence delivering products that meet these needs. Revolutionary, to say the least!