After Marvel announced the sequel for "Guardians of the Galaxy," starring Zoe Saldana, Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel, audiences and pundits had many questions about what the new film would be about and how it would connect to "The Avengers".

However, having seen the first film, Marvel has easily left a number of plot holes one hopes will be answered in the second film:

1.     Will The Collector be Back?

This was by far one of the most frustrating characters in the film, as he only shows up for one scene and is quickly done away with when the evil villain Ronan the Accuser steals the infinity stone. He later shows in the second credits sitting amongst his destroyed museum. The Collector, portrayed by Puerto Rican movie star Benicio Del Toro, plays a vital role in the comics as he eventually shows up on Earth and tries to capture The Avengers. He is successful at enslaving the Hulk and the Wasp. It is unclear if Marvel has bigger plans for this character because at this point it seems the company is focusing on the Thanos storyline.

2.     Will Howard the Duck Make an Appearance?

In the end credits to "Guardians of the Galaxy," Howard the Duck shows up as one of the Collector's museum pieces. The appearance of this character put into question whether Marvel was planning on making a Howard the Duck film or not. There was also speculation on whether the character would team up with one of the Marvel's renowned superheroes. The character is known for teaming up with a number of Marvel's heroes in the comics such as She-Hulk, Spider-Man and the Ghost Rider.

3.     Will Groot Talk in the Next Film?

At the end of the Guardians film, Groot, voiced by Diesel, dies and he is replanted by Rocket Racoon. Then, in the end montage, Groot starts to grow, which indicates that the character will be back in the series. However, the question most want to know is will he be able to talk? Before the character kills himself, he says a complete sentence that isn't his classic "I Am Groot." This seems like an indication that Groot was finally learning to speak. However, given that he is a baby at the end of the movie, it is unknown where Marvel plans on taking the character.

4.     Who is Star Lord's father?

At the end of the movie, it is revealed that Peter Quill, played by Pratt, is half-human and half-alien. Corpsman Dey reveals that his mother was human, but his father was from a different world. However, it is never revealed who the father is. Marvel is following the new version of the Guardians and, as a result, there is little history behind this character. Since it was left as a plot hole at the end of the film, it is likely Quill's next journey will be to find out who his father is.

5.     Is Thanos the Main Villain?

Since Thanos was a prevalent character in the movie, fans are questioning when this villain will finally show up in action. There is speculation that Marvel will follow the Infinity Gauntlet in which he tries to destroy the universe. As a result, that leads to speculation that the Guardians will team up with the Avengers.

The sequel to "Guardians of the Galaxy" will be released in July of 2017.